5 Of The Best Internet Marketing Tools

Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 4:48am by Victoria Heckstall

Internet Marketing

Just about every business by now should understand the importance of internet marketing. Having an online presence is about more than just being online. A business needs to ensure methods their brand can be recognized and customers can engage whenever they’d like. Here are 5 great internet marketing tools to help grow your organization.


The key to successfully marketing a company online is fresh content and as you can see Forbes recognizes quality over just using SEO tactics. It must be useful and engaging. It must strike as a page your customers will send their peers to and want to come back to visit time and again. This means you need new pictures, updates on your company, and blog posts, all on a regular basis. WordPress is perfect when it comes to content marketing and blogging platforms. WordPress is easy to read and index by search engines. It makes SEO a breeze because each post, page, and image can have its own description and Meta tag keywords. With WordPress you can:

  • Total control of your website, customizing it as you see fit
  • Have a built in blog equipped with visitors having the ability to comment or subscribe to your blog
  • Add various plugins such as social media site feed’s and video’s
  • Web-based and easy to use


Another great marketing tactic is advertising via video. Your business can load anything to video from web series, to PowerPoint presentations, to video blogs, to how-to guides, its content bound to be found and watched. You can post links to your videos and spread them via social media platforms and they are easily searchable. To load all your content, you need a professional video hosting management provider and Vimeo is one of them. You may wonder, why not YouTube. There is nothing wrong with YouTube, but Vimeo offers you:

  • A professional video environment
  • Total exposure of just your brand and logo
  • Ability for viewers to watch only your video with no ad interruptions
  • Album organization for viewers
  • Offers more engagement opportunity and brand recognition


When it comes to online marketing and building a company’s brand, social media is the growing means to do so. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all enable a business to interact with their customers. It’s important to provide fresh and relevant content as well. Responding to customers takes a lot of time on its own. It’s even more of a hassle sending tweets and making wall posts spaced out enough to not annoy your fans and followers. HootSuite is a social media management tool providing the solution. It saves users tons of time as they are able to manage all social media accounts in one system. A marketing team has access to a load of features through HootSuite where they are able to:

  • Schedule posts
  • Upload and submit images
  • Send direct messages
  • Manage campaigns
  • Post content across multiple WordPress accounts
  • View check in’s

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps monitor and track your online marketing campaigns. You are able to view your return on investments in real time. If you are involved in or thinking of starting a campaign in which you pay for advertisements, such as pay per clicks, this is a necessity as it gives you insights on which campaign is working for you. You’ll see the number of views and comments for each piece of content you post. You will see how many clicks on which content takes visitors to your website. Some of the key highlights with Google Analytics are:

  • Monitor traffic flow
  • Verify the type of visitors you are getting to your website
  • Determine conversion rates
  • View the spread of content


When it comes to marketing automation, HubSpot is pretty awesome. It’s a platform designed to bring users to your website. It helps you with keyword placement. You are able to monitor your inbound links. It also has social media management tools enabling you to promote to social media networks. The reason it works so well and offers you more time, it’s all automated.

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