5 Different Ways To Backup Your Data

Posted on May 26 2015 - 10:17pm by Editorial Staff

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Is there any worse feeling than your computer crashing? You’ve been working on a document for hours, and you know you haven’t saved it recently. All that work, gone! Worse still, if the computer suffers a serious problem, and you lose everything stored on it. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you’d think. Computers have a lifespan, and as they come towards the end, the danger of data loss is very real.

As a laptop or desktop owner, it’s your job to keep your data secure and backed up. We like to keep our system and files backed up in five ways. It might sound like overkill, but, trust us, when it all comes crashing down, it’s worth it! Today we’ll show you each of the five ways, and make sure you never lose another piece of work again.

External hard drive

The first option is a simple external hard drive. You could either opt for a giant version with a two terabytes of hard drive space. That should keep your entire system backed up in case of emergency. On the other hand, you could simply keep important documents safe with a flash drive. These small devices are great for keeping the last copy of your presentation safe. Just make sure you don’t leave it lying around!

Cloud Service

Cloud technology has become vital in the world of data backup. Essentially, you’ll store your data onto a small corner of the internet. If your hardware crashes, you’re safe in the knowledge that your systems are secure. There are plenty of consumer services to choose from here such as Dropbox. You’ll select the amount of space you need. When everything comes crashing down around you, you’ll access all the data online.


A server backup is probably the most reliable option on this list. With this option, your data and information will be backed up offsite. You’ll employ a third party to look after your information on a dedicated server. These servers will be reliable, fast and more powerful than you’d have access to on-site. If you need a big and reliable storage option, this is your choice.


Most modern computers now come with an automatic storage option. On Apple Macs, for example, it is called Time Machine. This feature automatically backs up your system and data onto Apple’s cloud servers. The best thing about this is that is regularly updates and backs up your data without you even noticing. Set it to auto backup once a day or once a week, depending on how important your documents are.

Hard copies

Finally, the simple solutions are often the best. Why not simply print out the essential information? Keep it locked away in a secure file or keep it close to hand. A paper copy is immune to server crashes, hardware malfunctions and any other computer problems.

If you’re not taking advantage of these options, the worst will eventually happen. Take steps to avoid it right now, and secure your data!

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