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Posted on Aug 26 2013 - 11:53am by Hayley Granton

Job Search

Technology helps us in a variety of ways during our daily lives. Whether it is finding entertainment with a bevy of options for games, keeping up with friends on social media, or reading up on old news or books, you can always find something to do on your smartphone or tablet device with apps. That said, it should come as no surprise that there are also plenty of apps out there that will help you find your next job in an economy that is still struggling to provide positions for people. If you utilize the technology available to find these jobs, you’ll have a great advantage over those who are still using the newspaper or help wanted listing to gain employment. Here are five apps that will enhance your job search.


Careerbuilder.com is a reputable website that now offers an even more usable application to search the variety of jobs listed on their online website. Depending on your area, you can access your phones GPS system to find jobs near you, making it easy to contact potential employers. Or if you want to find jobs that require you to move, you can also find jobs located outside of your area, and use the integrated contact system to email or call the company.


LinkedIn has been a popular choice for many years now for those looking for employment. Considered a working social network, the LinkedIn app allows you to find people you know and the industries they are in. This makes perfect for letting friends know you are looking for employment and how the contacts you have may be able to help you find your next job.


Indeed is an increasingly popular website and mobile application that appears to have one of the largest directories of potential job positions. The search engine on Indeed makes it extremely user friendly and easy to find jobs that interest you. The best part is if you have been looking already, the cookies on your computer will remember what fields you are interested in and the most recent jobs updated for that field.


Monster is another website and app that most people looking for jobs have already heard of. From your mobile phone or tablet, you can search through monsters job listings to find a job that interests you and that you may be suitable for. Monster has a variety of jobs, perfect for whatever your degree is in.


Felt allows you to contact jobs after you have interviewed with them. After all, leaving an impression on your potential employer is just as important as actually landing the interview. Felt allows you to make personalized “Thank You” cards for those that you have interviewed with and for the consideration they will give towards you for the position.

Technology makes the world a very entertaining and fun place. And with technology geared toward the job market, it also makes it easier to find jobs in a tough economy. Use any of the apps on this list to enhance your job search.

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