4 Tricks To Enhance Your Social Media ROI

Posted on Jul 23 2013 - 12:14am by Jason Smith

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Like every progressive businessperson, you too must be spending a huge amount of time, money and effort for establishing your presence in the social media. However, in order to be really successful in this regard, you need to measure your social media ROI. Read on to learn the 4 Tricks To Enhance Your Social Media ROI:

Promote your offers through the social networks

Social media is a vibrant platform that you should not ignore whenever you have an event, white paper, e-book, or report to promote. Since people never forget to check their social networking pages, your offer will be hard to miss.

Every social media platform dictates a different approach for promotion. When you are using Twitter, you should make sure that all your tweets connect with the content. Moreover, you should always use hashtags, as they will lead to enhanced visibility of your tweets. Example if you post family law related post you can use #family law

You can also promote your offer through a competition. The prize will be the free copy of the item or a ticket to the event. Since free items are always appreciated by the masses, you are guaranteed to receive a tremendous response.

Ask a simple question through your Twitter account. Let people participate by tweeting the answer with @reply; it will spread the word about the contest and about the item/event as well.

Similarly, for Facebook, you can post the picture of the product that you are promoting. Run a contest where people have to like the picture and describe the product in their own words. As for an event, people can be encouraged to write slogans about the occasion. The winner will have his name featured in the promotions of the event.

By posting the content in all of your niche marketing groups, your offer will get exposure on LinkedIn. These groups give you the opportunity to start a discussion. Hence, you can start one regarding the product/event and encourage your connections to give their input. Every time a connection comments, it will show to his connections and the word will spread wildly.

Use Meme

A meme is a concept that holds the potential to go viral. Since, for your business, it is exactly what you would want, using the power of the meme is crucial. Do not forget that visuals always catch the eye of the viewer but it is the text that encourages sharing.

Hence, you should infuse the text into your images. For instance, if you have a brilliant marketing idea that you would like people to read, then expressing it through an image, together with a caption is the ideal move.

Of course, the caption should be humorous because people prefer to share humor with their friends. In this way, the ideas in your images will reach a larger audience.

You will find a wide range of free meme makers over the web. You can make sharing of the images easier by installing a ‘Pin It’ button next to them.

Tag all the URLs for tracking them easily

Calculation of ROI becomes hundredfold difficult and chaotic when you use a variety of social media channels. You start campaigns with great enthusiasm but the lack of proper identification handicaps you. You are unable to find out which campaign is bringing a good number of visitors and which one needs tweaking.

The simplest way to identify the source of traffic is by applying the UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tags. These tags attach the name of the websites like Facebook, Twitter to the URL that you place on these social sites. Hence, whenever a person clicks on the URL and visits your website, your traffic-tracking tool will display it, and you will know the number of visitors, who came through that source.

Use Google+ to your advantage

The newest tool on the block is Google+. Being directly related to the search engine giant, Google, you cannot ignore its presence. Google+ gives your visitors the power to rate your content. If they like it, they will click the +1 button. Based on the number of ‘+1’ clicks, your content will find prominence in the Google search result pages.

Another notable feature is the Google Authorship. By uploading your picture, you can alert Google to treat your content with great diligence because you are its genuine author. When comparing your content with others, Google will take you Authorship into account, and it will rank your content higher on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

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