4 Tips For Creative Marketing With Booklets

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Booklets are a great way to advertise your brand and your business to a variety of potential customers. With a printed booklet, it’s easy to communicate a targeted, concise message to your audience, and booklets give you the advantage of additional space when compared to traditional promotional brochures. Plus, a booklet can be used by a customer in the future for reference, and booklets are just as easy to distribute or mail because of their small size.

Are you ready to attract new customers with printed booklets that effectively market your company? Then continue reading for tips to get started.

Always Use a Reputable Print Shop

Not all print shops are created equal, so when doing research into printers who can create your booklets for you, make sure that you opt to go for one that will give you total creative freedom. The printer should listen to your thoughts about the project and help in every way possible to make your vision a reality. The process should be easy and straightforward. Try companies like showcasecreative.com, which provides a variety of printed promotional materials to businesses.

Create an Image Booklet

High quality images can do wonders at promoting your brand and your products to a larger audience. So the first thing that you need to do is hire a professional photographer who can take the highest quality photos possible in your office, on your production line, while your staff is interacting with customers, and when your finished products are ready for sale.

Once you have your images in place, you can create an image booklet, sort of like a miniature coffee table book, that consists of impressive photos and designs filled with visual appeal. The booklet should detail photographic details about your products, customers, process, and industry, all while creating a real impact through the use of bold designs and colours.

Make a Technical Booklet

An alternative to the image booklet would be a technical booklet. This is ideal for prospective and current customers who want detailed information about the technical aspects of your company. For example, your booklet could be used to explain the terms you use, as well as provide behind-the-scenes details about how your company operates.

For this type of booklet, you want to focus more on the information that is provided within it than how it looks, so opt for a practical format, much like an instruction manual.

Make a Booklet That Will Come in Handy

Another great idea involves creating a handy little booklet that could be branded but also useful for more than just learning about your business. For example, you can create a small cookbook, a motivational guide, or a day planner. Include small bits of information about your business throughout it, as well as special offers to entice customers to make a purchase.

With the right marketing strategy and marketing materials in place, such as printed booklets, you can watch your company grow as you easily and effectively reach new customers that you otherwise would’ve missed out on.

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