4 Things We Never Thought Would Be Sold Online

Posted on Apr 12 2019 - 7:14am by Editorial Staff

E-commerce is changing the way we shop. We can now compare similar products, check stock availability and choose the lowest price without leaving the armchair. With a few clicks from our tablets, smartphones, or computers, therefore, we can have quality goods and services delivered straight to our doors or downloaded instantly. And who doesn’t love that?

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In major consumer markets like India, e-commerce is fast becoming the preferred way of shopping. The convenience of e-commerce is highlighted by the wide variety of things that are sold online. Where consumers initially had the power to shop for clothing and electronics, the list of things that are sold online now is a long one!

These days, online portals include products which no one thought would be sold online. Here’s a list of four such things you can easily buy with a single click:


E-commerce has opened its doors for a world of products and of these pharmacy is an industry that is explored for its potential. Today, online medical stores have the widest range of medicines sourced from trusted network of pharmacies.

Unlike a regular medical store, these online pharmacies are powered by intelligent systems which remember all your pre-ordered medicines, ensuring their availability whenever you need them.

Online sale of medicines has made life much easier for patients. It’s a boon for select groups like senior citizens or patients suffering from chronic diseases or those who are too sick to go out. Furthermore, it is helping those who are not comfortable buying certain medications from retail stores like birth control pills or contraceptives.


All thanks to the availability of groceries online, in no time you can have a fully stocked kitchen ready for summer BBQ’s, birthday parties, and everything in between. Whether you love eating fresh fruits or can only stomach chicken with a generous dose of side-salad, all your favourites can be added to your online grocery list.

With the growing penetration of smartphones and the internet, the increasing popularity of e- grocery stores is no surprise now. So, whether you are feeling fresh seafood or just a classic cookie, these e-stores have got you covered!

In spite of these many benefits, people feel disinclined to buying groceries online. Not getting the freedom to pick fruits or veggies with their own hands is hard to digest for many.

However, apart from the many discounts offered online, there are a lot many advantages for buyers. By having fresh stuff delivered to you, you can save your time and utilize it for setting up a scrumptious meal for your family!

Financial Products

With accessory shopping, movie tickets, flight bookings, all moving online, it was only a matter of time before financial products followed suit. In fact, with simpler processes, better user interfaces, and of course, greater safety, many individuals are opting to buy financial products like bank deposits, insurance plans and personal loans online. This on-the-go online route is much better than waiting in queues in the local branches.

These advantages apply to buying personal loans online as well. The benefit lies in your ability to get instant approval on these loans. Additionally, you get the freedom to control all the parameters of your search. Today many financial institutions like ABFL Direct offer benefits on online personal loans, including:

  • Zero documentation for sanction
  • Absence of lengthy processes
  • Flexible tenure to pay EMIs
  • No need for collateral as a security deposit
  • Home

Another industry that has received a major boost from e-commerce is ‘Real Estate’. Renting or buying property online has now become hassle-free, all thanks to online property portals which allow you to browse property results from all across the country.

One of the most important benefits of such listings is that you can take the virtual tour of the desired property or simply view its images. Moreover, you can also get the price details of the property as well as check out its location on a map. The latter helps to understand the proximity of the property to schools, hospitals, railway stations, bus stops, parks, ATMs, etc.


With a wide range of products available online now, shopping has never been more convenient for buyers. There’s every reason to shop online – ample discounts, mind-boggling selections and secure shopping. Having said that, to have a great buying experience online, ensure that you are careful at all times. All you need to do is use trusted websites, read reviews and select the right product!

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