4 Steps To Starting A Successful Transportation Business

Posted on Nov 7 2017 - 3:28pm by Editorial Staff

Transportation is a great industry. Not only do many get the freedom to choose their own work, you also get to travel to many different places. Every company out there needs something transported, whether it is mail, a package, or stock items: transportation is a necessity. Follow these 4 easy steps to get you started on a wonderful career in the transportation industry:

Get a Vehicle

When you are just starting out money needs to stretch as far as possible. That is why your first vehicle should always be a used transporter. You don’t want to be too specialized as an independent contractor; otherwise you could miss out on a lot of contracts near you. You will have to purchase the vehicle, get insured, and get licensed. If you don’t do everything legally, or if you forget something, your credibility down the line will be ruined.


The transportation industry is one of relationships. While it might seem crass to call it networking that is exactly what building relationships with people in your industry is. You want to get advice and insight from fellow drivers, you want contracts from subcontractors or companies, and you want them to keep calling you to work for them or with them again. The only way to make money in the transportation industry is to win contracts. The better your relationship with companies and contractors, the more they will choose you over the new person who offers to do the run for cheaper.

Be Safe on the Road

Thousands of fatalities on the road are due to fatigue no matter which country you are in. Taking care of yourself on the road isn’t just something you should do; it is something you need to do. You need to be alert and ready to respond to an emergency at any given time. You should never, under any circumstances, fall asleep at the wheel. Pull over and have power naps, keep your mind engaged with phone calls or with interesting audio recordings, and always stay well fed and hydrated.

The difference could mean life and death.

Options for Expansion

There are two avenues that you can take when you are looking to expand your transportation business. You could do the business vehicle hire or hire the drivers needed or you can become a subcontractor. Both options will benefit greatly if you first worked as an independent contractor. The industry is made up from relationships, which when developed, will enable you to expand once.

If you are interested in becoming a business owner, you give up life on the road and instead use your contacts and your expertise to find and acquire contracts. You will then match those contracts with independent contractors (like you once were) and take a percentage of their pay.

Knowing the business, and who is in the business, is key for anyone. In the transportation industry, it can mean the difference between getting a contract or not. That is why, regardless whether you want to continue to work as an independent contractor, a subcontractor, or own your own fleet, you need to foster relationship. Be great at what you do and succeed.

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