4 Smart Designing Tips To Target Female Audience

Posted on Jan 3 2014 - 9:44am by Abu


Website design is not just a part of web developing feature. It requires a tremendous amount of research, skills to accomplish a project successfully. At times, we forget the real motive of publishing the website on the web, especially when we think of enterprising an online store. Most of the marketing ideas or web development didn’t target the gender specific promotional policies. There have been thousands of cases where a group of the audience hasn’t showed interest due to lack of interest showed by the website itself. One of the crucial facts about website design is to catch all sized customers attention no matter what they expect.

Being a website designer, you should know about the percentage of gender exploring the website because of the marketing issue. Websites have often neglected a major part of female audience without getting noticed by the website owner. This has never been so active until an interesting research statistics have made them disbelieving. As you know, most of the household e-commerce websites have been explored by the female audiences. In spite of knowing the fact, the website owner or developer didn’t pay attention over the prospect of engaging these hugely potential users. However, the good news is that, some of the world class website design companies have concluded few features related to target female audience.

There have been major differences in mannerisms when you compare male and female audience altogether. It doesn’t necessary to appeal female audience when you would prefer a specific feature for a website. Female audience always has soft corners for beautiful looking website where the aesthetic features have been well maintained. Designs reflecting feminism, visualize with various cultures, socialisms and immaculate elements for all age groups can ensure thousands to millions of clicks by the female consumers. Web Design Company has been researching on the fact of “feminine sensibilities” to get into the percentage of female audience. Trying or understanding the possible facts on how they approach or their interests on particular features can become assets for website owners.

Let’s have a look over certain tips that might help a website designer to create attention over female audience:


To create a proper feminine touch on your website design, you must reach out for the handwritten or scripted fonts. Most of the professional website design company or experts always suggest not getting overboard with the fonts. One must work on these fonts effectively in both titles and subtitles along with headings and text boxes to stand out on certain information. Using regular sans-serif or just serf for body text is the best way to go. These features can work pretty well collectively to present content readable and keep the website design attractive.

Pretty and colorful patterns

Color scheme should not be ignored whenever you think of designing a website. Women always go with softer colors in the websites they would prefer visiting on regular terms. Therefore, it’s safe to opt for blue to pastel shades, yellow, green and red to offer a feminine touch.

Being judicious in terms of using the color tones should be your motive as women can easily interpret the color shade from peach to salmon pink and turquoise to teal. Hence, you should also think of age group while developing the website while working to the color schemes. If you would think of using Bubble gum pink to any website, this will signify for mostly young or teenage girls. Thus, this color scheme should not be used for websites targeting middle aged women. Pattern also plays a crucial factor whenever you prefer to create something appealing for women. Floral pattern has been the most favorite for women across all traditions and cultures. Therefore, you can work on floral and curl elements on your web designs using different graphical software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as they contain several brushes with patterns.

Images can be part of instant connection

Female loves colorful photos, interesting graphical content foremost. Whenever you plan to design any website, you must think of beautifying the website with the assistance of these features. You should not put anything that they may not interpret easily. Here, you can work on cute animal photos or flowers or evoke towards emotional responses. They may not sound effective, but these are the most common features to create an instant connection. To create attention over a specific group of female users like business women, you should think of using few inspiring photos focusing to career oriented women whose have already become successful in their respective working fields. As an alternative, you can also use images showing a woman is in charge of an office or handle a toughest group of employers. Using images that rightfully trick the user’s attention should be your motive as women should feel connected whenever they see your website images and content. Thus, it will bring the best results in a continual period.

Interesting copy to connect

You will still need an interesting and effective copy for completing the entire design if you together put something magnificent. Women can find it quite difficult to get connected with the copy that is cold, detached and distant. In such cases, no matter what your graphics have been presented, but it may not retain the same amount of interest for them.

Hence, the formation of copy is quite important. The best idea is to keep the tone casual and easy to understand. Keep the sentences non complex, easy to read. Besides, you should not practice lots of technical terms as it needs to be implicated wisely. Women don’t prefer the complex sentence pattern or too tech savvy sentence as they become quite difficult to read. If you can manage to work on these tips, you can surely feel hopeful to target female audience effectively. Logical approach and successful implementation are the main formula to become a smart website designer and owner.

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