4 SEO Customer Acquisition Techniques Every Digital Marketer Should Try

Posted on Sep 18 2018 - 6:47am by Editorial Staff

The main reason why you set up a business is because you want to get customers so that you can keep your business going and growing. For a fact, you will not acquire customers if you don’t have a strategy, especially if you intend to use SEO in your digital marketing. Therefore, finding out how your target audience will find your site, the mode of communication they will prefer to engage directly with you, and the quality not content they will love to read is of utmost importance. This is what builds a solid foundation for a marketing strategy that will bring ROI.

It is true that you cannot service in the online market without SEO, bearing in mind that there are millions of people seeling the same products and services as you are. With all the competition, it is essential to concentrate on SEO strategies that can assure you of complete client acquisition.  They include;

Find keywords that will help users find your site

Searching for keywords for every page in your website and using them strategically in your content is certainly one of the best ways to get traffic and acquire a strong clientele base in your site.

When writing your content, do not place any keywords simply because you believe they are related to your content. You need to understand the current trends and know the exact words people searching for services similar to yours type on search engines.

To maintain a competitive edge in the modern market, do not over rely on your primary keywords. Make use of long-tail keywords which are more effective. The main goal of this technique is to not only boost the organic traffic to your site but also increase conversion rates that will ultimately lead to business success and growth.

Searching for keywords to manually can be an enormous and a nearly impossible task. Luckily, there are a number of keyword research tools that you can include in your digital toolbox. In fact, some of them come free of charge, and have features that can enable you find the keywords that your competitors are using, and suggest the best that you can use to stay ahead of them.

Enhance an excellent customer experience on your site

This is a super-tactic that should be at the top of your must-do list.

Most visitors to your site will make a judgement on the services you offer based on their first impression. Below are some things you should keep at top-notch in an effort to capture a client’s attention:

Design a website that is responsive to different screen sizes- when designing your website, you need to keep in mind that your target audience use different screen sizes to access the internet. To give them an outstanding experience that they will rarely find anywhere else, ensure that they will view every page on your site regardless of the screen they are using.

Increase page load- basically, clients will spend about 30 seconds on your site. If they notice that it is taking ages to load, they will close it and move to the next site. Increasing the page load is one sure way to customer acquisition.

Use bold and italics- To emphasize particular points, use bold and italics. They will not only make your content easy-to follow and organized, but they will also create a perception in your audience that you are an expert and you fully understand what you are saying.

Make use of H1, H2-H4 tags- sites that have these tags rea more readable and scannable; hence they gain more traffic. Use them for your site.

Write a Meta description- this is a good way to introduce clients to your service before they even click your site. For this reason, make sure that you dedicate time and effort to write an emotionally-charged description that will create a ‘wow’ factor to your site. Also, remember that Google recognises brief data in SERPs; thus you should keep yours to a maximum of 160 characters.

Make good use of social media

Social media is doubtlessly one of the most effective digital marketing tools. Whenever you want to direct your target audience to a certain page in your site, your social media platforms will be of great help.

For utmost customer acquisition using social media;

  • Create warm leads by using sponsored messages which directly target people you have been communicating to.
  • Create content that attracts more followers to your pages so that you can boost your sponsored message audience.
  • Create value in every piece of information you share through social media
  • Announce your incentives and special holiday offers in your social media content

Give a great content experience

Your journey to customer acquisition will not be easy if you don’t provide value to your target audience. Make sure that you provide audience-focused content that meets the needs of your prospective clients. Make content development a continuous process, and keep updating the information in your site regularly. This way, clients will consider your brand authoritative, and you will certainly get repeat business and most importantly, lots of new clients will come knocking.

One thing digital marketers need to understand is that looking for new clients is not a stroll in the park. However, using the above SEO techniques, there is no doubt that you will enjoy great success that will bring desirable metrics in SEO tools such as https://serpbook.com. Use them in customer acquisition and you will always have yourself to thank.

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