4 Reasons To Consider Starting Your Own Direct Sales Side Hustle

Posted on Jan 24 2018 - 7:07am by Editorial Staff

Direct selling opportunities abound, and nearly everyone has a few friends in the business. You’ve probably seen the Facebook posts, social media parties, and eager invitations, but is direct selling really right for you? There are a lot of myths about the idea of direct selling, but the truth is that this is a legitimate way to add to your income. You get access to quality products and an appealing source of income that’s conveniently available on the side of your other commitments. Here are a few reasons to consider the direct sales industry.

Flexibility That Fits Your Life

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Getting a second job is usually a complex affair, with conflicting schedules and seemingly impossible time commitments to manage. It’s difficult to get the flexibility that you need from a traditional job, even if you’re only working seasonally or part-time. Direct selling has clear appeal in the fact that you can do it on your own schedule. When your workload is light in other areas of your life, you can give your direct selling efforts a big boost. When you’re weighed down with other projects and commitments, you can step back from these activities as needed.

Direct selling won’t get in the way of your commitments to family, friends, charities, or a full-time job. You can make this opportunity what you want, whether that’s a major part of your daily schedule or an occasional pastime project you pursue for spare change.

A Boost to Your Bank Account

One of the most common reasons that individuals get involved in direct selling is for the boost to their bank account. This is a prime opportunity to making a little extra money on the side. If you’re looking for extra funds for a vacation, home improvement project, new car, or other goal, direct selling could give you the added income that you need to get there. You can easily fit this type of job around your existing responsibilities.

In addition, you’ll often get access to added incentives that may pad your wallet further. If you’re a frequent shopper of the direct selling company, you can minimize some of your own expenses on the products by getting involved on the sales side. Successful reps often earn freebies or discounted pricing, so you’ll spend less on the items you love.

Easy Entry to a Profitable Market

Direct sales companies have an established presence in profitable industries. From beauty products to health and fitness solutions, these businesses are well-placed to take advantage of thriving markets. Though there are plenty of eager shoppers in these industries, they’re also crowded spaces with a lot of competition. Starting your own small business in one of these areas would present a major challenge, but direct selling gives you instant access to a brand name that’s already well-known in its market.

Much of the leg work is done for you when you get involved in direct selling, so all you need to do is make new connections for local sales in your individual market. The tools and strategies are in place to guide you toward success as well, making profitability as easy as possible.

Relationship-Building Opportunities

Direct sales companies specialize in team building and support systems. Many are so successful they have a presence not only across the country, but around the world. Amway’s business owners are based in Europe, Africa, India, China, the Asia-Pacific region, and the Americas. Despite Amway’s pyramid scheme myth, the truth has convinced a global team of participants to try direct selling through this company.

Not only will you build relationships with others within the company, direct selling will also encourage you to get out and build new friendships. As you host parties, gain satisfied customers, and make new sales, you’ll build a wealth of connections. That buyer who first came to you for cleaning products may end up providing an invaluable networking opportunity for a future career move.

Direct selling has many benefits to offer those who are looking for an engaging way to earn extra cash. Whether you’re a natural salesman or someone looking for the tools to hone this skill, joining a direct sales business can be a great opportunity for you.

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