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Posted on Jul 12 2013 - 12:41pm by Alex Strike

Apps For Business

Let’s be honest: no business is possible to imagine without the Internet today. No matter whether your business is big or small, you should always stay connected with everything that happens around it in order to manage it well. And your smartphone can be your perfect assistant here. 

Those businessmen who can’t sit at the office all the time find modern technologies be their best friends, as they help with everything today. Who knows, maybe all businesses will be managed from different gadgets in the future, but today dozens of different mobile application have been developed for businessmen already. Your task is to choose the best ones of them, that would be really functional and fit all your needs most. 

Being a small business owner, you will definitely find the four applications mentioned below helpful. They are considered to be a real must-have for every entrepreneur, so, if you haven’t still heard of any of them, it’s high time to check them at least.  

Local Vox 

Let many people all over the world know about your local business with the help of this multifunctional and really interesting application. Use it to publish all news concerning your  business on different online directories with one click only, send newsletters, tell about events, make announcements, ad your products or services. Local Vox is a perfect marketing tool for spreading the information online.

The only problem may appear with this application when you decide to download it to your mobile phone. Local Vox is not free of charge. Depending on features you are going to use, you will have to pay a monthly charge of $349-699. The cheapest version allows you to search the web and post news about your business from your computer or laptop, but if you want to install the mobile version of this app, it will cost you $549 a month. As for the most expensive Local Vox version, it costs $699 and provides you with both search and mobile casts.

Google Drive 

Get the access to all your documents from your mobile phone! Moreover, this multifunctional application will let you edit and import your files from a computer or a laptop to mobiles. 

Google Drive can boast with a very comfortable and easy-to-use interface. Those users who have already tried this application say that you can store in about 5GB of data with its help. In spite of all its positive sides, Google Drive can’t provide its users with some really useful features, such as “hardpress to open” for example. You will also not be able to delete a file with a simple swiping, but these small nuances don’t make the application bad or useless, as it still provides you with an access to all your files. No business can be managed without documents, can’t it? 


No money – no business. Every businessman perfectly understands it and no essay writing help is needed to explain this fact (well, maybe some), that is why it would be wise to have a mobile application that helps you deal with all your finances. Expensify lets you manage all your bank accounts, credit cards, and expenses with a simple log in. Moreover, you can always upload all reports needed. 

So many users – so many views. Certainly, this application couldn’t be perfect for everyone, and some weak sides of Expensify were revealed by those businessmen who tried it. 

  • The first one is a big size of scanned reports: they are too zoomed in, and that is why it’s not very comfortable to check them.
  • Moreover, you can’t rename a report, and you’ll have to confirm your password every time you try to log in the application. 


Sometimes you need to transfer data really fast. How to do that? Download Bump, and you’ll have one problem less. This application is available to all users of Android operating system, and it allows transferring different data by simple bumping two phones together. What can be faster, huh? 

The only problem here is the Internet connection. It should be really good, if you want to transfer important files successfully. Moreover, you will not transfer a file if you move. Yes, it sounds strange a bit, but such minor disadvantages this interesting application actually has. 

There are many different applications for different kinds of business of course, but here we tried to tell you only about those ones which would fit every business regardless of its nature. Certainly, all these applications will not be able to replace your employees, but they will definitely help you make the process of business management easier and faster. 

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