4 Mobile Device Strategies For Your Restaurant Business Successfully Marketing

Posted on Apr 7 2015 - 7:02am by Chirag Leuva


An official report from National Restaurant Associations forecast, that a restaurant business is $700 billion industry and is expected to hit $709.2 billion in 2015.

An  increasing number of food services, makes a restaurant owner to adopt effective marketing tricks that boost their business revenues. Today, the restaurant has gone mobile, to reach potential hungry customers.

People don’t have time to sit and search restaurants on an internet. But, with the advancement of mobile technology, it has now become easy to order from the favorite restaurant.

A survey of 2014, concludes that 44% of consumer use smart-phone to look up nutrition information for restaurant food. Being a restaurant owner, you need to look up the latest technology and marketing techniques.

You might have simple question on how to market your restaurant business on mobile platform? Right ?

Being a marketing analyst, I have listed the exclusive 4 mobile marketing tips through which you can hike your business revenues dramatically.

Mobile Apps and Websites – A key to Success!

Every business, whether small or big, have their own websites. Business on internet presence matters because more and more consumers are heading towards an Internet world. Entrepreneur place relevant business information on their site, such as location, hours, menus and much more. 50% of the website traffic is through mobile. Your website, if for desktop application will not help you with better conversion rates. It should be properly designed for mobile and other handheld devices as well. Your business site needs to be mobile friendly.(Deepen this sentence)

Recently, Google has launched a mobile-friendly test tool, that will give your site a pass or fail grade.

You can use this tool and make it as your pitch to existing and potential customers.

Mobile Apps are powerful in this digital marketing era and potential entrepreneurs make use of apps to advertise their business. Even restaurants have now come up with apps that allow their customers to browse menus, customize order, pay for meals, view special discounts  and the list goes on. 35% of the restaurants have mobile apps to monetize their business and they even look for mobile-friendly websites built with mobile responsiveness.

Technology has even gone beyond apps and websites, now restaurant industry is jumping on the smart-watch bandwagon. This allows your customers to track and place order from their Pebble or Android Wear Smart-watch. Domino’s has recently launched the smart-watch app.

Use Mobile Analytics – Build an efficient mobile marketing strategy!

Analytics is important when it comes to define a measurable goal. With mobile analytics, you can get the quicker and actionable report regarding the behavior of potential visitors.

With such analytics, you can,

– Discover the part of the app people are using the most.

– Know about the part of the app that drives more conversion.

– Detect the mobile device.

– Track the time user spend with your app.

check the list of mobile analytic tools and learn how people use your app!

Mobile Loyalty Program – Reward your customer!

There exist thousands of restaurants that compete with you, in terms of getting more returns. How to grab new customers and retain the existing ones? Loyalty and reward programs will encourage repeat business.   Customers want to get rewarded for their loyalty towards your business. For example, offer a free meal if the customer has visited your restaurant 10 times.

Brio restaurant has integrated loyalty programs where the consumer gain convenience of a card-free program, identify themselves, view their reward balance and redeem it.

Restaurant reservation – Make Reservation on the Go!

Customers wants to book their favorite restaurant, without any hassle. Mobile apps allow customer to reserve their table and save their time. Opentable is the only app that allows your customers to look for restaurants and reserve your favorite one.

Above 4 tips will help every restaurant owner to grab the optimum benefits of mobile technology in marketing their business.

About the Author

Chirag Leuva is a CEO of an iPhone app development company named Yudiz Solutions; where he works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a mobile environment.