3G Nexus 7 Possibly Coming In ‘Around Six Weeks’

Posted on Sep 3 2012 - 7:51am by Editorial Staff

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Google Detailed Out Nexus 7 Tablet Delivery Statuses

Google does hit above the bar back in June during its I/O 2012 event with the launch of Nexus 7 tablet, featuring Tegra-3 quad-core chip, Android 4.1 and lots more, but still at one extend even with all this specs, it’s missing mobile data connectivity, which possibly somehow letting consumers holding off from a purchase, but according to Paul O’Brien at MoDaCo claims that Asus is working on to launch a 3G-enabled variant of Nexus 7 tablet in “around six weeks” time, with production already gone underway. There are no words provided by O’Brien that on which carriers the variant will be offer or what will be the price of the device.  We do keep an eye on this and will provide with additional information as soon as we get.

(Image Source: Google Nexus 7 Site)

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