3 Key Reasons To Sell Your Home Without A Realtor

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 3:25pm by Editorial Staff

What’s the better way to sell my home? Through real estate agent or privately?

We often hear people asking this question, but they get varying responses. This is because there is no definite answer to this question and a variety of factors need to be taken into account to decide what one should do, such as time, energy, finances, reliability etc.

However, the trend of growing private sales tell us that, overall, people are increasingly opting to not take help of realtors while selling their properties. And they have their own legitimate reasons to do that.

If you are a property owner and finding it difficult to decide what is the best way to sell your property, we suggest researching about pros and cons of both. But, if you don’t want to get into additional researching trouble, let us help you telling what you will end up finding; private selling is preferable.

Why Should I Sell My Home Without A Real Estate Agent?

If you are still not convinced that private selling is the better way to sell our property, take a look at the following major reasons and you find yourself deleting the numbers of all the property agents from your cell phone.

The Most Obvious One- You Will Save Money

This is the most obvious and the greatest reason for an increase in private sales of properties. Although the rates of real estate agents vary, on average, a realtor takes about 6% of the total price as their commission and that is quite significant.

Those who are not in favour of private selling, obviously the ones whose work suffer because of it, often counter this argument by saying that commission is negotiable. But, this is nothing more than a trap. Realtors know that sellers would negotiate over the commission rate. Thus, they tell you a higher price at the first stage and then pretend as if doing a favour to you, they reduce the commission a bit, which then comes to their original rate.

So, in reality they are not doing any favour, rather securing their own income.

You Not Only Know The Details Of The Process, But Are In Control

Real estate agents often do not tell you the details about the selling process, such as how many prospective buyers have shown interest in your property, what have been their responses etc. Also, they don’t let you meet the prospective buyer(s) at the first stage.

On the other hand, when you sell on your own, you not only know, but are in control of each and everything. It is only while selling privately that you get to arrange showings according to your schedule and to be able to negotiate the deal directly with the buyer. Also, since you will be present at the showings, you get a chance to highlight the positives of your property; no one knows your property better than you. Direct dealing will eliminate chances of any confusions and miscommunication.

It’s beneficial for buyers a well.

It’s Simple

Many realtors portray the selling and buying processes as highly complicated and hence, need to be managed by specialised people. The reality is totally different. The process of selling your property is actually really simple. All you need is a reliable lawyer to take care of legalities and paperwork.

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