3 Easy Ways To Improve Employee Engagement

Posted on May 12 2017 - 6:20pm by Editorial Staff

Businesses everywhere are trying to cut their employee turnover rates, mainly because they want to cut the expenses incurred during the hiring and formation process. Also, employees that are less established tend to be less productive.

Employee engagement is the word on everybody’s lips these days, but not all business owners understand its importance. And those who do often have trouble getting concrete results. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to improve employee engagement in no time.

Instill a Sense of Competition in Your Employees

It is a well known fact that the best rise to the occasion when placed in a competitive setting. While the principle of “employee of the month” might seem cliché, employees still like feeling appreciated. But what they appreciate even more is being appreciated by their peers. For this reason, have employees vote for an employee of the month instead of just awarding them based on preference. This way, there will be no sense of favoritism and they will feel more appreciated and part of the team. Consider giving a small prize to the employee of the month of an award, or trophy. If you don’t know where to get trophies, companies like Martin Awards offer awards and trophies you can easily customize.

Show Them That You Care

Many businesses have an open door policy these days, and it actually works. Show your employees that you care and make it clear that they can come and consult you anytime there’s an issue. When Mikael Meir, executive coach, was asked what the primary quality of a good boss should be, his answer was “being caring”. And while it is a very underrated trait, it is also the most powerful. No matter how good a strategist or how much leadership skills a boss possesses, nobody will work with an uncaring boss for long.

Give Them a Sense of Purpose

More and more emphasis is being put on pursuing your purpose these days, and the reason for this is simple. This generation is probably the first one to openly admit that they would rather do meaningful work and get less pay than working at a well paying, meaningless job. Millennials are said to be more loyal to their jobs these days, and less to their company. This is why you have to instill a sense of purpose in their work by making a clear correlation between their efforts and the company’s success. Also, set clear benchmarks and objectives so they can get a sense of accomplishment. And don’t be afraid to listen to their suggestions and see how you can improve them. Don’t just take suggestions either, actually implementing them will go a long way in creating a tighter bond with your employees and making them feel listened to.


Employee engagement comes down to a few principles. But they almost all revolve around a sense of purpose and belonging. Make your employees feel part of the team and not just cogs in a machine. Add meaning to their work and make them understand the importance of their role. Make them feel valued. Employees who value themselves are bound to be more productive.

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