3 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose A Career In Logistics

Posted on Jul 14 2017 - 6:50pm by Editorial Staff

Ask anyone what they understand by the word ‘logistics’, and you’ll get answers ranging from ‘moving stuff’ to ‘driving a lorry.’ These definitions are hugely simplistic and inaccurate. Logistics is all about the transportation of products, services and people and calculating how best to complete deliveries as safely as possible and within budget. The world of transport and logistics is exciting, fast paced and highly pressurised. If you love the thrill of problem-solving and the thought of managing a large fleet of trucks gets you excited, then a career in logistics might be for you. Take a look at why now might be a better time than ever to venture down a new career path.

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There Are Plenty Of Jobs Out There

There is an air of mystery surrounding the field of logistics with many university leavers not understanding how worthwhile a career in this industry may be. The impression that logistics is merely a pretentious word for lorry driving is still rife amongst even the most well-educated business graduates. Most of these graduates aspire for a career in banking or advertising or project management without even considering a career in logistics. If they did, they would see that there is a huge demand to fill high-quality vacancies with exceptional long-term career prospects.

You Could Work Anywhere In The Country

Logistics companies take many different forms. Some are international, and household names whereas others are smaller, more inclusive entities. You could find yourself working for a large conglomerate, or you may feel more at home in a company like JetEx Logistics who concentrate their efforts on providing a first class logistics and delivery service to the state of Texas. One morning you may find yourself with the mechanics changing the batteries on a fleet of lorries. The next, you may be at head office presenting to the board your new strategy for streamlining the delivery routes across the state. The opportunities for broadening your horizons are endless.

The Bigger Picture

Logistics falls within the larger category of supply chain management. This means that people at every stage of the supply chain including manufacturers, exporters and importers, will depend on you to ensure that their businesses run smoothly. You are the individual that makes sure that the cogs of industry continue to move at all times and ensure that an efficient and cost effective service is provided. The workload can be intense and demanding with your ability to multi-task being tested to the extreme. However, the role provides excellent job satisfaction, and remuneration packages are attractive.

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A career in logistics is varied, thrilling and provides a work environment where no two days are the same. You will get to meet people and network across a range of industries. The responsibility is immense, but if you relish the chance to be part of an integral part of the business world, then a career in logistics and transport may be just what you have been looking for.

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