20 Productivity Apps To Keep You (And Your Boss) Organized

Posted on Jul 14 2014 - 11:53am by Alexandra Ashton


You can work all day and still not get all your work done. You have piled so much backlog work in your office and all the unread J.D. Salinger essays and manuscripts from your writer friend that wants to be like David Foster Wallace are still there, unread, unopened, waiting for the dust to settle upon its face. What do you need to do to accomplish them? What should be changed in your lifestyle to get you produce the output you need each day? The answer might not be in your books about Mikhail Bulkagov’s stories about the Korean War or what Margaret Atwood said in her book The Edible Woman, but most likely be in this infographic about the most popular apps today.

If you need to become even more productive and handle more of your time each day, then what you need are the new smartphone productivity apps today that promise you quick organized solid organization powers that help you make sense of your time better. From apps that mark what information you get based on how useful you tag a certain news is to a video-editing app that helps you get better video clips, this infographic is an assured guarantee that your life will start getting better organization-wise because of the use of the productivity apps featured by the chart. Go start some productive attitude in your life now.

This infographic could be the help you need to get a good grip of your time better. The apps contained here are about how you can work with teams in different continents and this can tell you more about how you can manage your time better compared with not using any apps to manage your time. What you can learn here must not probably be anything new to productivity apps fans, but at least here you already have all the apps in a neat compilation. Get some productivity on in your life by reading this infographic today.


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