12 Kickass Bucket List Ideas From The A-Listers For 2014

Posted on Jul 9 2014 - 9:12am by Editorial Staff

12 Kickass Bucket List Ideas from the A-Listers for 2014 Main

Who doesn’t like filling out their bucket list with rocking ideas? Here are a few from the go-getters, A-listers and adventurers of the world. See whether you would like to adopt some of these.

You can resolve to be ambitious and open a Swiss bank account. Though some ignorant fellow might call your wealth ‘black money’!

Why not hold a tarantula in your hand and revel in the cathartic effect it has? All your fears are washed away.

Of course, you can always resolve to chill out with a can of beer… nothing closer to nirvana! But this is no ordinary beer. Reach Ireland just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and have THE beer, Guinness. Dublin is the place to be, really.

If you pride yourself in being the best bathroom singer around, go further and publish a piece of music. Resolve to get arty!

Go green…. with love, and return to your roots; so take up gardening. Grow a few watermelons, the perennial summer favorite, in your kitchen garden.

The White House is the mother of all houses. Resolve to go on a holiday to the power capital, Washington D.C.  Tour the White House and you have seen it all!

Be balanced, on stilts, that is. Learn a few tricks and be a performer on stilts. Make this one of your New Year resolutions.

Let the kisses rain and unleash the romantic in you, true Bollywood style. What better than kissing and dancing in the rain? Give your partner a memorable surprise and don’t bother about the rewards (for once).

Play with the big boys in the ocean and upload the pictures on Facebook. But make sure you are with whale sharks. They are docile and feed on plankton, and won’t prefer you for dinner.

Resolve to attend the TED conference. The best brains converge here and you will learn more than you have in your entire life. The future happens here, so better make it to the next conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Would you not like to have coffee with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?

This can prove to be really inspirational and encouraging. Let your celebrity guest speak about his/her ideas, dreams and plans, while you enjoy the coffee.

This is a truly colorful resolution. Attend a big, fat Indian wedding.

Song, dance, love, music, food and wine, you get all of that and more at an Indian wedding. Resolve to get invited for one this year, and have the time of your life!

Infographic Courtesy: Resolution tweet

12 Kickass Bucket List Ideas from the A-Listers for 2014

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