10 Tips In Choosing Living Room Furniture

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 10:18am by Tressy Jones

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Living room is a space in home where we welcome guest. Because of that, we always ensure that the room is well designed so that it could give comfort not only to guests but also to the family members. Furniture is very vital when designing a living room because it gives living room a visual appeal of the space. Just imagine a living room without furniture. Where will you sit to relax? Where will you entertain your guests and where will you lounge while watching television? When selecting furniture for your living room you must consider quality aside from beauty. The furniture also needs to be arranged according to your home architecture. Below are 10 tips on things you need to consider when selecting living room furniture.

Start with the basics

Before you start jumping to other things, you must start from the basic when picking pieces. Before you purchase your house furniture, make sure that you consider the space of your living room. Then start by purchasing basic pieces like the sleeper sofa, table armchair and center table.

Do the math

To get a good picture of your living room, it is recommended that you measure the room and draw a floor plan. You can also create a sketch of the living room on a piece of paper. Using you plan, you can determine how you will place your furniture in the living room. When planning, don’t forget to include possible pathways and comfort.

Think of function

It is very important to consider the activities that you will do in your living room. For instance, if you like having some drinks in the house alone or with friends, then you can set aside special place where you can place your drinks .if you also watching television on a big screen you can consider putting a modular cabinet for the TV.

Consider the existing architecture

Before selecting furniture to put in your living room, ensure that you consider the existing architectural element in your house. This includes windows, columns and other things. The existing architecture of your living room will help you plan well and also select the right furniture that blends well with your house architecture. If you fail to consider your house architecture, chances are that the furniture you select might not look good in the living room no matter how beautiful it is. The interior design of the living room also matters .Select furniture that blends well with the interior design.

Create a plan

As mentioned earlier, you need to draw a plan for your living room. The plan can be a formal design or can just be a simple sketch on a piece of paper. To get better view of your living room, you can request for 3D design of the furniture you like. An interior designer can help you decide on this. After getting a suitable plan and design, make sure you that you stick with it.

Get high quality pieces

Don’t just get any type of furniture; ensure that you get high quality furniture because it is a long term investment. When selecting furniture, don’t just focuses on deign but also focus on its durability. Put more emphasis on the materials used to build the furniture as opposed to its outside beauty. High quality pieces cost more but they are definitely worth the price. While options are many, but it’s best one can also consult Tempur Pedic Gulfport Ms for getting high quality furniture.

Coordinate the pieces

Don’t just focus on the living room alone when selecting furniture, you also need to ensure that the pieces compliments or matches well with furniture in other areas of the house especially if you have a layout where all the furniture can be seen.

Know your theme

Select a suitable theme for your living room. When choosing for your living room furniture, ensure that they match well with the theme.

Fill the living room with accent furniture

To make you living room good and unique, you will need to add accent furniture like ottoman aside from the basic furniture that your living room needs. The accent furniture can also serve as additional sitting area especially when you have guests.

Do not overdo

To mach of some is poison. Avoid overdoing the design of your living room. Place furniture that can only fit in the living room. If you actually place too many furniture, your living room will be overcrowded and you might even block pathways.

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