10 Super Easy And Economical Ideas For Photobooth Backdrops

Posted on May 19 2014 - 9:47am by Chloe Evans


Photobooth backdrops are undoubtedly one of the pivotal décor elements in different events and parties. Not only the interesting backdrops add to the ‘difference’ factor in your party photographs, many of them can also double up as amazing wall arts after your event is over. While you might find it a little expensive to hire a number of photo booth backdrops from the studios, you can always consider creating some of them on your own. Here’s helping you with some cool DIY and inexpensive ideas for photobooth backdrops. Hope you’ll have a whole lot of fun while creating them!

Idea#1: Pinwheel Backdrop

Try hanging vibrant paper pinwheels. They are a fun-filled way to impart a mushy nostalgic vibe to almost any event!

Idea#2: Streamers And Pom-poms

Once again, they are fun, they are inexpensive and they are colourful enough to look almost like neon against the backdrop. Plus, they can also complement a floral themed backdrop amazingly.

Idea#3: Balloon Wall

Balloons are another super-affordable way to decorate your photo booth backdrop. Collect balloons of different shapes and size. Just blow them up and stick them on the wall! Simple!

Idea#4: Garlands Made From Paper

Do you have some colourful cards and/or construction papers that you find no use of? Employ them to make the paper garlands, just in the way your art teacher might have taught you in the school days. You won’t be too far from creating magical backdrops in budget.

Idea#5: Chalkboards

Creating backdrops cannot get easier than this. It is another way to hark back to your carefree childhood days. At the same time, they can be just the thing that you will need to add a zing to your wedding photography. Here is a unique idea: try asking your guests to write their custom messages oh a chalkboard guestbook. You can also combine it with a conventional backdrop. Enjoy the photographic session!

Idea#6: Try A Folded Paper Photo Backdrop

Love Origami? Those wonderful things that they make by a few clever folds in paper! Try crafted anything from birds, flowers, animals and what not! Try making them in different coloured papers. Create amazing features with things as simple as papers, tape and scissors. Need some inspiration? Google is there to help you.

Idea#6: Duvet Covers

Vibrant Duvet covers are surely a fast way to create interesting backdrops. While the solid coloured covers have been an all-time favourite, you can also try fabrics that have bold print. It will be a great way to create something basic, yet fun and innovative.

Idea#7: Paint It Prettily

Even professionals offering photo booth services love this idea. You don’t need to be a master artist to make it! Paintings as simple as a hand-painted heart on an otherwise plain backdrop can make it look different! Enjoy the difference!

Idea#8: Garlands In Geometric Details

Geometric shapes are a trendy option to decorate a wedding venue. No wonder that they are also an excellent way to add a pop of colourful hue to your special event. Strike a few quirky poses!

Idea#9: Glitters And Golden Details

A plain, sophisticated yet gorgeous golden backdrop can give way to a fantastic pose for some ‘keepsake’ pictures. Create your own backdrop by using a piece of fabric, a golden card, streamers, sequins and whatever catches your fancy! An imaginary mind should know no limitations.

Idea#10: Crazy Cut-Outs

Let’s face it! It is not something that everyone can do. However, if you can manage it, then you can be rest assured to get some snaps that you will remember for a lifetime! Ideally, ask your photo booth hiring agency to provide you with some cut-outs.

You’ve just come across some great ways to create terrific photo booth backdrops. You can also think of using other easily-available stuffs like ribbons, flowers, hearts hung like garlands, to name a few. Your pains will always be rewarding!

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