10 Stylish And Functional Flooring To Reinvent Your Homes

Posted on Oct 1 2013 - 11:20am by Adam Prattler


Are you on a full living room update? Does your house need a little reinvention and renovation? It’s a good idea to start with the flooring.

You may not notice it, but flooring can make your room bigger or smaller, brighter or darker. It can do a lot of tricks. For all you know, it could be just the only renovation or reinvention you need for your home. 


Environmentalists will love you for choosing hardwood. This eco-friendly type of flooring can last a lifetime if properly maintained. It’s also one of the most popular types of flooring because of its versatility and variety.

If you don’t want to put holes in your pocket and you have a fully carpeted living room, there is this process called sanding. It polishes the wood underneath and reveals its hidden beauty. The carpet is removed and the wood material is usually revealed. Sanding happens at this stage.


If environmentalists will love you for hardwood, the opposite is true for carpets. This type of material usually needs update every 8 to 10 years, depending on use. Unfortunately, if you have children and pets inside your homes, carpet’s lifespan is normally shortened. Dogs love to lie down (and urinate or shed) wool carpets.

Urine/fecal stain and food spill will require you to shampoo your carpets almost every 2 weeks unless you want your home to stink.

The good thing about carpet is that it can dramatically improve your home with intricate designs, especially those made from the Middle East. Do you know that there are types of carpets from this region that require 3 to 6 months to make? These are the beautiful hand-woven ones.


If you want flooring that can truly last for centuries, stone or concrete is the way to go. These slabs are genuinely durable. If sparkling clean and polished, it easily exudes elegant look. This is why it is a favorite of those with furniture and car showroom.

Granite, marble and quartz are examples of stone flooring.


Cork is the newest kid on the block. The stopper you see in wine bottles or the board where you pin your to do’s, are now made into flooring. Of course, this one’s engineered to be thousand times robust.


Whenever you go to beach houses and resort hotels, you wish you could bring home that kind of refreshing and comfortable vibe. Well, you can actually do that by choosing bamboo for your flooring.

The graders will tell you that bamboo is a grass. Scientifically, this is true. Bamboo exhibits characteristics similar to that of hardwood flooring.


Linoleum’s popularity dimmed with the introduction of vinyl in 1940’s and advent of other flooring types. However, architects have revived its use for clients with limited budgets, but want versatility and style.

Glass Tiles

Another eco-friendly material, glass tiles are products of most recycling programs. These are typically used for bathroom floorings, kitchen walls and counters.

Glass tiles come in different colors and patterns. The one thing that you should watch out for would be chipping.


Rubber is commonly used in fitness centers, gyms, basketball courts and neighborhood playground. The reason? This material is water resistant and can avoid easy slippage.

Rubber is now finding its way to house kitchens and bathrooms.


Have you imagined having the same material for both shoes and your floor? It a little surprising to note that leather can also be used for flooring. The soft warm feel of this material is perfect for bedrooms and areas where there are small foot traffic.


If you hate stains and scratches on the floor, ceramic flooring is a sound option. Like glass, ceramics are made into tiles. It doesn’t fade over time and is slip-resistant.

You obviously have plenty of choices, especially when you go to the flooring store in Bethesda. What you need to identify first is the desired outcome, and then work backwards.

It’s Your Turn

If you were to build a new house today, what kind of flooring would you choose? What do you think is the most stylish of all? How about the sturdiest?

Your ideas and opinions matter. Leave us a note or two at the comment box below.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Images Money

Photo Credit: Flickr/Images Money

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