10 Perfect Gifts For Dad This Summer

Posted on Jun 10 2018 - 8:33am by Editorial Staff

When it comes to picking a present for dad, an electric shaver is the first thing that comes to mind, given the variety of mens electric shavers on the market. Below are our top ten suggestions for those who want to show some more imagination and creativity.

A Shower Beer Holder

Yeah, you read it right – a shower beer holder. That’s a thing your dad must have, if he loves his beer that much. A shower beer holder is said to be capable of sticking to any surface including glass, marble, laminate, and mirror and guarantees that your old man will never have to put his bottle of beer down for something as trivial as his daily shower.

A Six-Bottle Beer Caddy

A beer caddy will give your old man plenty of room for six beers that he can take with him on a fishing trip, a barbecue or share on a night out with his buddies. The caddy keeps the beer cool and most of them go with an attached bottle opener.

A Wireless Charging Station

Wireless charging technology is constantly improving. We must admit that wireless charging stations are not entirely wireless, because they still have to be plugged into a wall outlet, but they free smartphone users from their nightly plug-in. Whether your dad uses an iPhone or a Samsung, a wireless charging station will allow him to power up his phone while using it.

A Bottle of Rare Whisky

Still wonder what the ultimate gift for Father’s Day is? A bottle of some amazing whisky that he’d never buy on his own but will gladly accept as a gift from his loved ones. The nice memories of the fine liquor remain long after the spirit in the bottle has gone.

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

The summer party will just get a lot more fun with a set of Himalayan sea salt shot glasses. They add a salty taste to every shot and are naturally antibacterial and strong. Thus your dad can use them more than once.

A Bottle Of Fine Tequila

If you go for the above suggestion, then ask the rest of the family to chip in for a bottle of fine tequila. This classic spirit tastes best in salt shot glasses and is a major upgrade from the boozes he’s used to buying for himself. This gift for your dad will be best appreciated in summer.

Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

If your dad likes playing bartender at home, a nice new cocktail set will encourage him to experiment with mixed drinks even more. Most toolkits feature a cocktail shaker, a jigger and a long spoon.

Carbonated Sparkling Water Maker

If your dad likes soda, you can save him the trips to the nearby grocery store to replenish his supplies by giving him a sleek and stylish bubbly water maker. The high-end ones are compact and require no electricity or batteries.

Cell Phone Sanitizer

Believe it or not, thousands of bacteria live and thrive on your dad’s mobile phone. Help your old man keep his device clean and safe to use by presenting him with a cellphone sanitizer. The high-end ones are said to be capable of exterminating 99.99% of the known bacteria on smartphones using UV light.

A Pair of Snazzy Sneakers

If your dad is still active, then he will definitely appreciate a pair of nice sneakers to help him run faster and do more miles. The best models are lightweight and durable and feature anti-stress soles that are perfect for sprint races and half marathons alike. The other members of the family may chip in for a sweat suit to go with the sneakers.

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