10 Of The Premier League’s Most Expensive Teenage Stars

Posted on Mar 3 2015 - 7:03am by Alexandra Ashton

How often do you spend your time in front of the TV watching the exciting football match? Maybe you are even one of the lucky ones who gets to see their favourite football team live on stadium. Isn’t it amazing how a football club can keep its fame and fans for years? That surely isn’t an easy task. Every time when they get out into the field players must try to fulfil the wishes of their coach, the club and the fans who are watching them with faith and hope. That surely is a lot of pressure.

Fortunately, they are richly rewarded for this pressure. Do you know how high an average weekly wage of some players like Wayne Rooney is? Well, certainly more than yours. Did you know that he gets £300,000 per week? Isn’t that incredible? However, the truth is that in most professions you do not risk your life as they do. Sitting in the office from 9 to 5, can’t really compare with the daily training sessions in the sun or rain and hard matches in which only one second of inattention can put an end to their career. They definitely deserve all the money they get.

Clubs often sign contracts with players who are still in the teenage years in hope that they will one day become top stars. Can you imagine what kind of pressure that puts on these young men? Luckily, most of these guys prove worth the effort. Surely you know what the transfer fee is for the most famous players but do you know what was the largest amount paid to young teenage players in the Premier League? Did you know that Luke Shaw got £27m to transfer to Manchester United? Yes, that eighteen year old boy is now a millionaire. Read this great infographic to learn more about most expensive teenage Premier League stars.


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