10 Fatal Causes of Horrific Car Accidents

Posted on Oct 1 2013 - 12:23am by Adam Prattler

Speeding Car

It is with no exaggeration when you read in papers that road accidents kill more people than cancer, heart disease or pneumonia combined. The statistics has prompted several laws and penalties to be enacted. But even with stricter legislation, the numbers continue to follow an upward trajectory.

The next 10 bullets might tell you why.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving causes more than 10% of all car accidents in the United States alone. But, should we blame it all to Smartphones? The answer is a resounding no.

While many distracted driving-related mishaps happen, it is unfair for Smartphones to take all the hit. Eating could be one. Especially those oily burger and pizza that will grease your steering wheel, and then you know what follows. Even kissing your girlfriend or your pet while driving is dangerous. 

Driving under the influence

This is by far the most reckless of all reckless causes of car accidents. Alcohol impairs your judgment. This is pretty elementary.

If you are drinking, you either stay in that place until you get sober or have a sober individual drive you home. If not, you will find yourself calling an injury lawyer in Washington DC at 3 in the morning,

Running on red lights

The book says that yellow traffic light is a signal to slow down. You’d wonder now why several motorists would speed up when it’s a yellow. Everyone is quite allergic to red lights. But, despising it does not necessarily mean beating it, at least for traffic rules.

Unsafe lane changes

Using the correct turn signals can go a long way. It is inevitable to change lanes sometimes, especially when you are on the freeway and you need to exit.

Wrong entry

That “Do Not Enter” in bold red would make you wonder why there are people that will still make their way on streets that has this sign. Blame it to lapse in judgment. Blame it to your wife who forgot to remind you that you left your glasses on the dining table. Blame it on the sign for being there.

You have to remember that when you go the opposite direction of a one-way street, you endanger all motorists including yourself.  


This one’s a no brainer. According to the laws of Physics the faster your car goes, the harder it is for you to stop it. Speed limits are placed for a number of reasons, regardless if you are driving a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.


Whether it is chemistry, biology, psychology or physics – tailgating gives you a very small reaction time to hit the brakes when you are driving too close to another car. There is no other remedy to this, but patience.

Road “Ragers”

Naturally short-tempered individuals should be banned on the road forever. We may be guilty of being mad at another driver for one reason or another. But, those that let this fury take over their sanity can get killed or kill someone.

Reactions like tailgating to taunt or speeding past another driver are signs that you have already lost it. Keep your calm. Its life saving.

Tire Blowouts

When you are driving on a freeway, you can’t help but notice remains of tire blowouts everywhere. When your tires give up while you are speeding, it could spell the last 30 seconds of your life. There is a big possibility that you will lose total control of the car.

Avoid this by regularly checking your car tires before you leave. Make sure that pressure is accurate and that there are no tears/wears.

Deadly curves

The curves that Victoria’s Secret models have are deadly, but in a positive way. When you speak of driving and you put deadly plus curves side by side, you get a possible cause of a fatal accident.

Some calls these dead man’s curves. No doubt these could really kill. What to do?

Make it a habit to check maps of the places you will go to the first time. When you notice a Formula One track-type of curve, make sure to drive carefully and the follow speed limit.

Among the top 10 common causes of road accidents, the fatal ones are associated with behavior. It’s high time to review those traffic rules and repair your patience meter.

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