10 Easy Tips To Get Along With PG Roommate

Posted on Sep 6 2017 - 11:23am by Editorial Staff

“We May Not Have it All Together, But Together We Have it All”- This statement well describes the bond of PG or Hostel roommates and the time when they are about to live in a common room with different people having different culture, thoughts and lifestyle. For the fresher’s or newcomers, who have never compromised for a single annoying thing, will get the best learning experience of life, when they will share space, room, things, work, feelings and almost everything with the roommates.

Check out the list of important tips that can help you to understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t while living with a roommate or room partner in a Hostel:

Be Clear about Your Expectations from the Beginning: If you are entirely a personal soul, then better to broadcast it first, to the people around you. To avoid the fights, and misunderstanding of what your roommate has done intentionally or unintentionally, both of you should talk first and set the priorities and individual routine starting from the wakeup to sleeping time. This discussion period will command both of you to not disturb each other for stupid reasons.

Address Problems When they’re little: The hard truth about small silly issues is that they become a big trouble when not discussed earlier. So, why to weight-age this factor again and again. If your roommate has left the light on, windows open, or put clothes of yours without your permission, then address her in a decent manner. May be your roommate excuse these for the first time, but repeating all every time is a serious thing to discuss and let her realize about the disturbance of your state of peace and mind.

Respect Your Roommate’s Stuff: Remember one thing – Treat people with respect if you want to be respected. Don’t take your roommate’s stuff for granted. If you need something from your roomie like clothes, accessories, matchup stuff, shoes etc, then take permission for that. Meanwhile, for this kind act, it is your duty to return the things in the same manner as they were taken. If clothes need a wash, then do it, iron it and return it with thanks. One more advice, don’t think so you have been given full rights to use the stuff again and again. If you are in extreme need of that, then better to buy it rather irritating the roommate every time.

Be Mindful of What You Bring into Your Room and How Often: You are a social bee, but not the same with your roomie, then why to create such environment where she feel uncomfortable or restless due to group chit chats and loud sounds. Recall this, only you and your roomie have been allotted the sharing space, and if you want to deal with more members for a group chat, then ask your roomie first. If she likes to study/rest or do some important work at the same time, then plan these meetings somewhere else but not in the room.

Lock the Door and Windows: Though both of you have your own lifestyle, but still you have to think same for the security and safety concerns like the person, who will leave the room at last, should lock the door and close the windows. So what if you are in a hurry, it is your prior responsibility while sharing the living space. Doing this, will also avoid the chances of getting blamed for the things stolen with your carelessness. If you are about to do outing just for 5-10 minutes, then lock your room and windows first. Don’t create chances for the suspicious acts.

Be Friendly, Without Expecting to be Best Friends: Before expecting PG mate or roommate to be the best friend of yours, think for a while that she may already have a best friend forever. So, be friendly with your roommate, let her understand you, and your nature. Give her space for the own life. If both of you have a same equation, then definitely this bond will get better with the time.

Be Open to New Things: Though you are the master of your field, but there can exist other people too, who are multi-talented. Maybe, you have been showered a standard lifestyle with all care and positivity around, still there are people who have never been close to that. So, be open to respect their achievements, and skills. Share the experiences, discuss the life goals, talk about your priorities, and have respect for those who have struggled hard to get succeeded.

Stay Open to Change: Hostel or PG life is not even at all. This roller coaster experience will open your eyes to the new world where you are the sole identity who has to manage everything by itself. Those who are quick to grab the changes, and learn new things, can easily create a good environment for a comfortable stay. In Hostel or PG accommodation, you should be open to unexpected things like your roomie can switch the decision, or set new rules on the spot, so have some patience to accept the things and if you can’t handle this, then be free to have a tea talk about that.

Address Problems When They’re Big, Too: You may be the person who usually grant more and more chances to the people around you, but it can also happen, that the concerned person is not even thinking about this kind gesture. If your roomie has become habitual of not following the rules, and even not taking care of her own stuff like cleaning, dusting, washroom hygiene, and room security, then there is a need to talk and let her realize this situation in detail.

If Nothing Else, Follow the Golden Rule: “Do Good, Have Good” follow this rule and observe the change around you. No matter, how many times both of you agreed, disagreed, fought and patched up again, but in the end, what you will recall is moments and memories. So fill this individual independent life with happiness and kindness. Treat your roommate with respect, love and care.

Sharing your room with a person other than family, will be a new experience of your life. At this phase, days can be even or odd. But, this will develop a new person in you who can now face any challenge or hard deal that comes in a way. So, be thankful to this learning stage!

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