10 Amazing Foster Moms In Nature (Infographic)

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 9:30am by Alexandra Ashton

You must have feelings for your family, friends and all your loved ones. You feel secure and connected with them around. Think for a minute if you get disconnected from all of them and have to love with some other family. What do you feel then? Surely, not good and comfortable at all. Just like that animals do possess same kind of feelings. They also love their family and siblings. When they get disconnected from them it is hard for them as well to survive. This infographic “10 Amazing Foster Moms In Nature” focuses on such 10 animals that have been departed from their families and adopted by other animals.

Rex & Rex Junior is one of those twosome where Rex is the parent pointer and Rex Junior is the adoptee kangaroo. They both live in Torquay – Australia. One day a car hit junior’s mother very badly and she died because of that accident. The Rex Junior was in her mother’s pouch and have found by Rex. From then they both are living together. Rex took enough care of the Rex Junior and they both are now simply inseparable.

Another story is shared by the two Legadema & Baby. Legadema is the parent leopard and the baby Baboon is the adoptee. They both lives in Okavango Delta – Botswana. The Legadema saved the baby Baboon from hyenas and from then they both are living together. Legadema is a very good foster mom and baby Baboon feel really secure in her company.

Now comes the Cholli & three cubs. Cholli is the German Shepherd and a foster mom of three cubs. These cubs were handed over to Cholli from the zookeepers. They thought their real mother can harm them that’s why these cubs were placed under the custody of Cholli.

There are other foster mothers and adoptee animals as well. Explore more in this infographic in an interesting manner.


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