ZTE, Huawei Responded Back Over House Committee Allegations

Posted on Oct 9 2012 - 6:16am by Editorial Staff

We reported yesterday that on the basis of congressional investigation Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and ZTE are threats to US national security and even has asked government to remove their products soon. On the basis of this, the company responded back:

ZTE:  ZTE responded back by saying that it is “disappointed” with the conclusions come into front of it in the report and referring itself as “China’s most transparent” publicly-traded company. The company’s director of global public affairs, David Dai Shu stated that no wrongdoing in the company was ever discovered.

“It is noteworthy that, after a year-long investigation, the Committee rests its conclusions on a finding that ZTE may not be ‘free of state influence,'” Dai Shu says in the statement. “This finding would apply to any company operating in China. The Committee has not challenged ZTE’s fitness to serve the US market based on any pattern of unethical or illegal behavior.”

Huawei: The Company pointed out by saying that the report was incomplete and has “failed to provide clear information or evidence to substantiate the legitimacy of the Committee’s concerns.” Huawei contends that it “has cooperated with the Committee in an open and transparent manner.”

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