Your Workplace And You – How It Makes A Difference To Your Brand

Posted on Aug 23 2013 - 12:17am by Peter Ames


In the world of business, impressions (particularly first impressions) can make a huge difference. When a potential client enters your workplace, what kind of an impression do you think they get of you as a company? Have they seen it all before or does your office inspire wide-eyed looks of amazement (or, conversely, of horror)?Everything from your workplace’s location, down to individual desks can have an effect on what it says about your brand.

Office Design

Offices in the 21st Century aren’t all the dull, cubicle-filled workplaces they may have been in years gone by. An increasing number of businesses are getting their offices branded so the working environment exudes the company’s image.

If you have an inspired creative team and are looking at either moving office or simply redecorating, then you could use this as an opportunity to transform your office into one that immediately shows what your business is all about. It’s also a chance to create a really inspiring environment for your employees to work in; one that could allow them to live and breathe your company. Alternatively, you can hire external design companies for the same purpose.

Say for example, if you have noticed Google offices in pictures, they have created an office that we think would be a brilliant place to work: it looks vibrant, modern and perhaps most importantly, it simply oozes the Google image.

The little things

Whilst office branding can be a great way to improve the impression your company gives out, if you are on a limited budget try to concern yourself with the little things that could build to make a difference: some (well-watered) plants, artwork, or even a small colour change here or there could do wonders to make your office a more impressive, more inspiring place.

One little thing that could make a big impact is the state of your desks. Walking into a sea of cluttered desks, even in an otherwise immaculate office, could create the impression of a disorganised workforce.

If the desks in your office are covered in all sorts of things they shouldn’t be, why not try implementing a clean desk policy? Get your hands on some cheap storage lockers and ask everyone to tidy away the contents of their desk at the end of the day. You never know, you may also find the old clichémight be true, and a few more clear desks relate to a few more clear minds!

Show them what you’re talking about

There’s a fine line between creating the impression of a really buzzing, dynamic workplace and one that’s noisy and chaotic. However, a great way to show your company brings the best of both worlds is to link your employees’ Twitter feeds to screens in your office.

This way, people can see you’re housing a thriving working community, whilst it also might encourage employees to keep all tweeting strictly work-related; which can only be a good thing!

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