Yahoo’s Thompson Tells Employees “Real Change Is Company” As Major Restructuring Is Going To Take Place

Posted on Mar 16 2012 - 8:25am by Editorial Staff

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson tells employees that the company is gearing up for a “real change,” Thompson send out an email to the employees in an attempt to soother the stress and pressure that lies on companies head – including high-level executives departures, board change and more. The internet giant is more desperately waiting for restructuring which is expected to hit within weeks. “We are moving as fast with real urgency to move back to Yahoo playing offense once again,” said the Thompson memo. Thompson then went into three core things the company was going to focus on under his rule:

  • Focusing intently on those parts of the business that have a competitive advantage.
  • Liberating all of us to work faster and make better decisions.
  • Thinking really creatively about how to build new businesses that leverage our trusted relationships with users.

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