Yahoo’s Flickr iOS App Hits High With 200 Million Active Users, Thanks To Redesign

Posted on Jan 29 2013 - 11:52am by Editorial Staff


With Yahoo announced its fourth quarter 2012 results with $1.22 billion revenue (ex-TAC) and an earnings per share was of $0.23, the company’s CEO Marissa Mayer during earnings call discussed about the company’s mobile plans. Mayer stated by saying that mobile being a key part of its business with the firm reported that its Flickr app for iOS already attempted to make a big high with having 200 million active monthly mobile users on board.

The reason for Flickr iOS app to make a big is because of redesign which led to a 25% spike in photo uploads as well as viewership. The company retooled its Flickr app for iOS with adding 16 filters, giving Profiles and Groups functionality, a better interface as well as an added ability to log in with Facebook.

To mark the thing perfectly, CEO Mayer said that the year 2013 will be a year “of hard work” for Yahoo.

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