Yahoo Interim CEO Might Fit Better As Permanent CEO

Posted on May 15 2012 - 5:48am by Editorial Staff

With Yahoo’s Sunday announcement of appointing Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo’s global media chief as the new interim chief executive. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company’s new chairman, Fred Amoroso, told the staff that he wanted Levinsohn as the permanent CEO of the company. Yahoo’s ex-CEO Scott Thompson because of false degree claim that says he is having computer science degree although he is holding an accountancy degree, for which he even stated that he had never provided any false information to the company. Thompson has stepped down and left the company.

According to the publication, Levinsohn told Yahoo staff during the meeting today that there wouldn’t be any major changes regarding company reorganization and that “we gotta move on.” Furthermore, AllThingsD states that employees also seemed generally positive about Levinsohn taking over as interim CEO. However, he still isn’t a shoe-in as permanent CEO. Most likely there will still be a CEO search committee.

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