Xbox Live In Talk With Unspecified Political Campaigns To Get Targeted Marketing

Posted on Apr 26 2012 - 5:29am by Editorial Staff

Advertising executives for Xbox Live are currently in talks with unspecified political campaigns to get targeted election ads on the platform. “Addressibility is the big opportunity bringing digital to the television,” Honey said in an interview with Beet TV. “What we provide advertisers is the opportunity to target very specific demographics and behavioral targeting. “So if you’re an advertiser who wants to target women who live in New York, and say, are very into music, we can do that.”

“It’s not a [marketing] campaign we’re in right now, but you think about the political season that’s coming up, the election season, that’s all about specific, geographic targeting to battleground states,” Honey said. “So, we’re talking with the campaigns about bringing their advertising message to Xbox, and using that targeting, that location targeting, to deliver those messages right at the TV, on a geo-specific basis.”

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