The World According To Cats (Infographic)

Posted on May 9 2014 - 10:28am by Alexandra Ashton


We had a cat named Prettyboy. He was Angie’s, our other cat, firstborn. At first we wanted to sell him to raise some funds for their food but then when we left him behind inside a cage, we took pity on him. So we decided not to sell him instead. The pet store convinced us that Prettyboy would fetch a high price for he was so pretty and even assured us that he might be included in a movie. But Prettyboy cried and cried when we left. We returned and took him back.

Prettyboy was afraid of heights. And that is so very funny for a cat. Eventually we taught him to climb the fence and not long after, he was always perched on top of the gate, waiting for his master to arrive from work.This is another heartwarming story about cats. Some friends of ours who owned a farm wanted to keep cats to watch over their stored grains. So we decided to give away two of Angie’s kittens.

On the night the kittens were gone, Angie never left the gate and the following morning, she seemed to have sensed somehow the direction the kittens were taken to. And she was making some kind of wailing sound. Eventually, she recovered from the loss of her kittens and this happened after she became pregnant again.

There are many different breeds of cats and each breed has its own particular characteristic.  The infographics The world according to cats will show you about each particular breed of cats that many people around the world would love to know.If you are a cat lover and wants to know more about the nature of cats and its wonders, the infographics The world according to cats will offer you valuable information.

Such are some of the beautiful stories about the world of cats. Here’s an infographic to know more about them.


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