Winter Military Style Clothing: Key Apparel You Want To Battle The Snow

Posted on Dec 31 2013 - 10:13am by Sarah Parkar

Winter Military Style Clothing

It’s one of the coldest winters on record in recent years in North America, with harsh colds and blizzards dumping tons of snow around the nation. As the residents gear up for what might be one of the coldest and most unforgiving winters in recent memory, there are some winter fashion tips that can be attained with your favorite military style clothing. When considering the element of the icy cold, it can be difficult to think about what stylish options you have for bundling up while looking your best. Thankfully, military style clothing is designed to both look great and to help you retain warmth. Make sure you consider amply stocking up on the following pieces of apparel this season.

Thermal Wear

The surest way to keep the cold out is by adding layers of clothing to your garment ensemble. Thermal wear has always been a top choice for people who live in colder climates. That’s because thermal wear is specially designed to allow your body to retain heat. Military thermal wear tends to be extra thick, and was designed to help soldiers prevent frostbite under the worst of weather conditions. This thermal wear coats your entire body, with exception to your hands, feet and head. It’s a viable and affordable element to keeping warm this season.

Jackets and Vests

A key military styled jacket that you should not be without this season is the peacoat. Made famous by British soldiers, who frequently have endured some of the most unforgiving of winters, these double button coats help stamp out the cold and break the wind so that you can remain warm and toasty within. Also, don’t overlook double thick military jackets and snow busting vests that can be paired with comfy sweaters.

Caps and Hats

Your ears and your head consist of thin skin that is very susceptible to the cold and the wind. Make sure you cover up your noggin with stylish hats and stocking caps. These can not only help you add some flare and panache to your look, but they can also allow you to avoid looking odd with wider fitting earmuffs that usually look out of place. Instead, protect your ears and your head in style with designer caps and hats that can keep the bite of winter out.


Ensure that your fingertips are warm and toasty this season with a pair of extra thick and heavy duty military styled gloves. These gloves are created to enable the maximum amount of range of motion with your fingers while still assuring that the hands retain the necessary heat to prevent frostbite. They are a necessity during the wintertime.

Military Boots

Stomp through the snow and sludge without worrying about it seeping into your boots. Military boots are created to be both waterproof and snow resistant. They also include special traction that will help prevent slips and falls on icy sidewalks. The black classic boots also can double as dress shoes, preventing you from having to wear odd-looking goulashes over your shoes.

Photo Credit/Source: USA Army Apparel

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