Wine, Culture And More In Burgundy, France

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So, you’ve decided to plan a vacation in France. First off, good decision! If you are going to pay a visit to Europe, France is a pretty good place to start. It is the kind of country that offers something for everyone – whether you want to delve into the deep and rich aristocratic history (the world-famous Louis XIV springs to mind) or just sit back and soak in the relaxed culture, you can guarantee that France is somewhere you’ll never be bored. It can be pretty hard to choose a region, in particular, to go to – although France is small, it is extremely varied, and you will find that certain areas are famous for certain types of things. Take the central region of Burgundy, for example. If you’re not too bothered about spending a weekend lounging on a beach, this culture-rich region could be perfect for you. Here are just some of the highlights it has to offer.

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The wine

If you’ve ever heard of Burgundy before, chances are it’s because someone was talking about wine. It is often regarded as the most famous area for wine production in the world; so much so that the red and white that the region produces is even called ‘Burgundy’. These wines are supposed to be among the finest in the world, so it would be a crime not to visit one of the many amazing wineries and vineyards while you’re there. See if you can taste the terroir in the wine you drink – this is said to be the taste of the area in which the grapes were grown, completely independent to that specific bottle of wine. Providing you have enough room in your luggage, bring a couple of bottles back for an authentic sense of France wherever you are.

The natural beauty

Just like so many rural areas of France, Burgundy has some stunning areas of natural beauty. A short journey out of Dijon brings you to the fairytale backdrop that is the Grotte du Bel Affreux; a rock formation that looks like an open mouth with fangs, out of which water pours. This water becomes a relaxing stream that you can take a leisurely walk around, before visiting the nearby historical village of Antheil. If you fancy getting a little bit closer to water AND seeing some of the many sights, make sure you make good use of one of the French river cruises.

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The history

If you want to delve into the past a little during your stay in France, you’ve come to the right place – as Burgundy has a rich cultural past and many spectacular sights to see. In the heart of Dijon, you will find the Palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy which is definitely worth a visit – plus you may as well pay a visit to the art gallery next door, too! There are also plenty of beautiful abbeys, monasteries and ruined castles to look at, so you really are spoiled for choice with this area of France.

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