Windows 8 Metro Interface Blues Images, Video Leaks

Posted on Mar 25 2013 - 9:51am by Editorial Staff

With Windows Blue, the next Windows version rumors raising heights in the air, images and a video new to add from multiple sources comes in front of us, then whether it will be the Winbeta video showing off Build 9364, Screenshot gallery (on Dropbox) of Build 9364, The Verge, Supersite for Windows and Microsoft Collection Book site all speak one common language that yes, Microsoft is working on Windows 8 Metro Interface Blues.

The company is building an additional Snap Views into Windows Blue, the interesting come to picture is that this new view is similar to the desktop mode snapping – there are new alarm, sound recorder, movie moments and calculator Windows 8 –style apps on board. Other notifying things include a number on new options in the Windows 8 –style setting screen. There are SkyDrive options are there, app settings section along with company this time taking extra care of charms. We believe a lot more to come and we will be covering each and every thing for you, so stay tuned.

(Image Credit: Screenshot gallery (on Dropbox) of Build 9364, Winforum)

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