Windows 8 Adds More And Upgrades Older Features To Help Disabled Users

Posted on Feb 16 2012 - 11:30am by Editorial Staff

Microsoft’s next big thing – Windows 8 that along with the software giant, awaits all, will be adding new features which will help people with disabilities to navigate and use the operating system in a better way, company states in its blog post Tuesday. With the new release, the company increase its accessibility base keeping the things in mind based on feedbacks it had got – Microsoft redesigned Narrator, added more languages and voice to Narrator, updates comments and updated UI Automation (UIA).

Microsoft is also adding an updated version of Magnifier which is actually in Windows 7 and will helps people with low vision. The Narrator feature will help in reading back the actions that are happening all around on screen, helping visual impairments. Windows with its Metro style UI is freshening up a new experience for Windows getting an opportunity to present accessibility settings in a new better way – with Windows 8 the company is also introducing touch-only devices into the Windows.

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