Windows 7 Saw Small Increase, Windows 8 Up To 3.31 Percent Market Share, Vista Knocked Out

Posted on Apr 1 2013 - 4:18pm by Editorial Staff

With loosing the market share back in January, Windows 7 finally saw a slight increase in market share while Windows 8 now up to 3.31 percent market share although Windows Vista knocked out below the 5 percent mark. The data, which was collected by Net Applications, revealed that March 2013 marked the whole new upbringing for the Windows 8.


According to the Net Application, Windows 8 gained 0.52 percentage points, from 2.79 percent to 3.31 percent; while Windows 7 gains 0.18 percentage points, from 44.55 percent to 44.73 percent. For the one whose numbers being still waited by all still not making a huge high in a single go, although it still growing at peer rate, means Windows 8 grew to 3.31 percent market share.

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