Will Microsoft Abandon Its Older OS Versions? Guess Not

Posted on Mar 15 2013 - 8:37am by Editorial Staff

Windows Phone

Microsoft cannot be termed as the world’s leading software developer without a solid reason. The company values its customers and potential customers more than anything else and any concerns in the market regarding its products would be addressed at the earliest. Be it their PC software applications such as OS or Utility software, application software, etc, all it takes at times for an issue to be fixed is the download of an update.

Let’s not go too deep into the PC side as more questions are likely to arise from the side of the Smartphone world, where Microsoft is beginning to set a stronghold with the latest Windows 8 OS powered phones hitting global markets. The Smartphone OS market is a rather a two-way battle between Android and iOS and others such as Windows based OS barely make it to the headlines. But according to Microsoft, Windows 8 is going to repaint the canvas once and for all. Well Windows 8 has indeed managed to flock in good numbers when it comes to the sale of devices running the flagship OS from Microsoft.

When Windows 8 hit the stores, users of the older Windows Phone 7 based phones were quite disappointed because they could not upgrade to it. But Microsoft did not write such loyal customers off as in their next cycle of Windows downloads and Updates for the Windows Phone 7 OS, the brand released the Windows Phone 7.8 which was a game changer in the market. It was more of a mix between the existing 7 version and the upcoming 8 version of Windows at that time when it was introduced.

Windows Phone

One of the key issues reported to have plagued Windows based phones was that file transfer using Bluetooth to a phone that runs an OS other than Windows was impossible to achieve. With the 7.8 upgrade however, this issue is resolved as now customers can easily transfer their favourite files using their smartphones as well.  Along with the Bluetooth glitch that is solved, this update also brings in the resizable start screen feature which is a boost in terms of usability and user interface friendliness.

Another reason for calling this update as a milestone or game changer is that it indicates that Microsoft and its hardware partners are committed to support all their loyal customers. This is testified by the massive support still available for old Lumia series of Phones from Nokia that run on Windows based OS. Windows 8 is now regularly featuring on the blogosphere globally not because of its problems and issues but because of the level of adaptation and recognition it is garnering from the Smartphone industry globally.

As with the case of its predecessors, Windows 8 can also watch out for game changing downloads in future as more and more users get to familiarize with products running on the same. Things are looking good for the OS as of the moment and Microsoft is not a brand that misses out on any chance to exert its dominance in the Mobile Software market just as it did in the case of the PC software market.

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