Wikimedia Enables Visual Editor For All Logged-In Users On The English Wikipedia Articles

Posted on Jul 2 2013 - 9:34pm by Editorial Staff

Wikimedia Foundation today announced that it has enabled Visual Editor – the visual interface by which one can easily edit wiki pages – for all logged-in users on the English Wikipedia although the classic traditional Wikitext source editor will remain available the same way to both pages and page sections. While since it is beta, but it do supports the latest and recent versions of Chrome (pictured above), Firefox, and Safari.


“There are various reasons that lead existing and prospective contributors not to edit; among them, the complexity of wiki markup is a major issue,” Wikimedia explains. “One of VisualEditor’s goals is to empower knowledgeable and good-faith users to edit and become valuable members of the community, even if they’re not wiki markup experts. We also hope that, with time, experienced editors will find VisualEditor useful for some of their editing tasks.”

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