Why You Should Get Digital Menu Boards For Restaurants

Posted on Oct 1 2014 - 8:25am by Charlie Brown


Back in the day, restaurants used to have the menu on the chalkboard by the door, and some still do for that old world rustic look. The only other alternative was to have printed menus handed out to the customer at the table with just a list of what they had available. Over time, pictures were added to the printed menus to awaken the imagination of the client. Then came big posters outside the restaurant with very large pictures of delicious looking food which brought menus and advertising to another level.

With the entrance of all things digital, menus took on a whole new look. Digital menu boards for restaurants have completely changed the way food options are advertised. Not only do the big, well-designed photos make the food look oh-so-delicious, they are not just static shots that can eventually be quite boring. The dynamic nature of the digital menu boards have actually proven to be more effective than previous methods in bringing in more sales, more repeat customers and overall more people to your restaurant.

And these are just a few of the overall benefits of the digital menu boards. There are even more benefits for your restaurant, including:

Fast Updates

Fast updates also mean cheaper updates. All you have to do is type in the new menu, specials and prices and whatever other updates you have to make and put itup in a matter of minutes. You can even update the menu to suit the time of day or even weather! This is opposed to having to sit down with the guys from the print house to create something that may be already out of date in this fast moving world. Way better, right?

Motion Pictures

Digital menus are all about movement, animations and rotating messages. These can be used to increase marketing effectiveness and build your brand’s personality in a matter of minutes. It is a great new frontier for restaurant marketing.

Regional Management

With these digital menus you can synchronize your content across all your restaurants within a specific region as well as on social media from the comfort of your main office or even at home. This speaks to efficiency and speed, and also in building the personality of your brand over social media platforms.


These days, the success of a brand is based on how much it can relate to the specific target demographic in a personal way. People need to feel as though they are part of the brand so that you can build loyalty and a solid customer base. With digital menus, you can integrate your social media links to the display screen at the restaurant so that live tweets and updates about the restaurant can be seen on the screen. That should be a lot of fun for the patrons, right?

In addition to the screen, you can install a digital ordering system where the clients order their food on a touchscreen which can have several other cool features to entertain the client while they wait and give them more information about your business.

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