Why You Should Consider Using Google Plus For Your Small Business

Posted on Sep 7 2013 - 2:19pm by Grace Beckett

Google Plus

Google+ is one of the top emerging social media networking sites. It has made a mark in the social media world in a very short span of time. One of the main reasons it is gaining popularity is because of some very unique features it offers and also because it belongs to the largest search engine –Google. 

The number of people that are joining Google+ has substantially increased over the recent past and continues to increase steadily. This growth spurt is so obvious that Twitter might soon be overtaken by Google+, provided the momentum does not slow. So if you want to be ahead of the curve, you will definitely want to be a part of this globally accepted network for your business.

Moreover, it’s not just the traffic to the site that has increased. According to the latest study by Mashable, people are also spending an increased amount of time on Google+. And the good thing is that it doesn’t look like this trend will slow down anytime in the near future. The fact that people spend a longer time on the site indicates the possibility of Google+ becoming a powerful traffic driver.  Let us look at the various reasons why you should consider using Google plus for your small business. 


Claiming authorship for your original content is possible when you have a Google+ account. Owing to this, even if anyone tries to steal your content, your original content will remain valuable and also attributed to you. Further, referrals and links will be given importance depending on who they come from rather than the place they are posted in.

Recognition on search engines 

Considering the fact that Google+ is owned by Google itself, you are sure to receive a stronger search engine presence and recognition at the same time. This however does not mean that you can replace your SEO strategy but it can definitely boost your efforts. 


Google+ is more flexible compared to other social media platforms. It offers you a number of unique features including Google Hangouts and Circles. You can easily have an edge over your competitors by taking advantage of these features.  You will see a definite improvement in your business’s online presence.

With Google+, you can include links to other sites in your entire Google+ profile. This feature is not found in other social platforms. Adding profile links can make your profile page on Google+ even more effective. It will also strengthen your sales efforts. You can receive “+1” votes from people that you share your posts with. Engaging with people using his tool is surely a powerful way of interaction.

Features that are beneficial to businesses 

Google+ has two very important features. One is the Google+ Circles. You can add your clients, employees and business associates on this feature. It also allows you to sort out all the contacts that follow you on the circles list. You can name each Circle according to your choice and have any number of Circles. You can also add an individual profile to different circles. Remember that you can add a profile to your Google Circles only if they have added your page. That is why you need to make your page very attractive with extremely good content and updates to get people to follow your Google page.

Once a person adds your business, you can reciprocate by adding them back. For local businesses, you should target different demographics and create your circle according to that. You can send customized messages to different circles.

How to get started 

First, you will need to start a Google+ page and sign up on it. Small businesses with physical location can choose the “Local business or Place option”. Here you will find your business the way it is mentioned on Google Places.

Once you are done building a page, you can create a badge and link. These can be posted on your website. The badge acts as a link between your Google+ page and your website. It also allows your clients to easily find out your page on Google+. Communicating and building relationships with clients and prospects is much easier with the help of this page.

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