Why Travel To Scotland During Your Holidays?

Posted on Jul 30 2013 - 2:49pm by Wilson

Scotland Castle

The entire Britain Isles are a wonderful place to visit in any time of the year but the country of Scotland has something different and intriguing to offer to tourists. Scotland is truly a land of contrasts where pasta and present live in complete harmony. It is the land of unspoiled landscapes that also contains vibrant modern cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Why Scotland for Vacations

Following lines explain best reasons why you should choose Scotland for your holidays or vacations.

The Festivals, Edinburgh Festival

Each August, the dazzling city of Edinburgh is taken over for full three weeks by a selection of festivals that occur side by side and promotes all fields of arts including latest innovations like digital canvas printing. In fact, these events are designed to make the local public engage in some sort of activity involving arts from music to theaters, from comedy to dance and from visual arts and art displays. During these three weeks, the streets of the city are filled with all sorts of entertainment for every kind of person and family.

The City Night Life

The three main cities of Scotland, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow can rival any city in England or any other part of the world for shopping and most importantly their nightlife. In this regard, Glasgow is largest of three and is a bustling city with both traditional and modern nightclubs, trendy café bars and a wide variety of super clubs and night discos.  The city of Aberdeen is famous for its universities, art galleries, museums and a flourishing youth scene and is home to the UKs live music as well.

Glorious Castles

The land of Scotland is bloody and romantic and therefore, it is unsurprising to see castles of different sizes and shapes and steeped in legend spread throughout the country. Starting from the iconic Castle of Skye to the spectacular Culzean Castel and Stirling Castle, the castles are the most important feature of the landscape of Scotland. However, the most famous castle in the Scotland is the Edinburg Castle without any doubt. The castle is situated on the top of a volcanic rock overlooking the capital. Any visitor coming to Edinburgh must see the castle that offers a great opportunity to explore history and stunning views of the city below.

Scenery and Wildlife

The countryside of Scotland is still very much unspoiled by the industrialization and time and therefore, it is the most spectacular scenery in entire United Kingdom. The landscape of the area is rugged and uncompromising yet it is extremely fascinating and pleasing to eyes. Furthermore, the breathtaking flora and fauna is enough to entice any natural lover. Animals like eagles, deer, hare, mountain goats and ospreys are found in abundance. Similarly, there are great opportunities to see rare animals such as whales, sea birds, puffins, seals and dolphin along the shore especially in Mull and Skye. For its beauty, the countryside of Scotland is the most pictured location in Europe and constantly features in pieces of art such as photo on canvas prints and paintings.

Skara Brae

Scotland is also home to some of the best preserved Stone Age villas in Europe. One of such site is Skara Brae that was exposed by a great storm in 1850 after it remained hidden of centuries under a sand dune. The stone walls are relatively well preserved as compared to other Stone Age sites and it is called the Scottish Pompeii because it is so well preserved. Another important thing about the Bra is that it is older than Pyramids and Stonehenge.


Apart from above mentioned attractions, chapels and cathedrals of Scotland, cultural festivals, food and drink of the country alongside its rich history is more than enough for any person to travel to this beautiful land and make his vacations memorable.

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