Why It Is Important To Protect Your Business With Garage Liability Insurance

Posted on Oct 23 2013 - 12:22am by Joel Maat


Garage Liability Insurance is generally purchased by people who own an auto service center, automobile dealership or repair shop. This kind of insurance takes care of liability for the property, products and operations and covers property damage and bodily injury consequential from the functions of an auto garage. Any damages must be a result of an accident during normal garage operations concerning the ownership, maintenance or use of covered vehicles.

When customers leave their cars with you in your garage, they are putting their trust in you to not only properly repair their vehicle, but to also keep them safe until they are ready to be picked up. Unfortunately, accidents occur all the time and things can happen. Liabilities in the garage business can array from having an unhappy customer to dealing with an employee’s actions or carelessness. If you have garage liability or garage keepers insurance, you can care for yourself and your customers’ property.

Although general garage liability does offer some coverage, the moment that any vehicle leaves the property, the liability policy ends and there will no longer be coverage to the vehicle unless the garage keeper’s liability policy is added to your package. Garage keeper’s insurance primary focus is on providing security in the occasion that a customer’s automobile is damaged during the time is on the premises of the insured policy holder. This policy coverage is not for liability insurance and would not be suitable for a car dealer unless the dealer is also repairing vehicles that are not owned by the dealership.  This is for the reason that garage keepers are intended to protect against physical damage losses to vehicles that are in the temporary custody of the repair shop.

Garage owners work very hard to help out other people, although they need to make sure they help themselves too. Protect your business with garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance. We hope that you can see how having garage liability insurance is an essential for carefully maintaining any business that has a lot of vehicles under their care.

In order to protect your garage business it is best to make sure you have both Garage Liability Insurance and Garage Keeper’s Insurance.

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