Why Is Moto X Better Than The Other Phones In The Market?

Posted on Dec 10 2013 - 9:46am by Suraj Singh

Moto X

The ergonomically curved back of the Moto X makes it stand out among its peers. Its hold and feel is even superior to the HTC One, which is slimmer and more cumbersome to grip. A construction that is comprised mostly of plastic and Kevlar, gives this Motorola android phone a superior feel than almost all the other Android phones in the market. Adding to its looks is a circular notch along with the company’s symbol embedded into the Kevlar back of the phone. This latest Motorola mobile phone is also very easy to hold and fits into any hand size. Countless factors are responsible for this phone’s ascendancy of most of the other smart phones competing with it. Let’s hark upon some of these factors.

  • Exhibiting a compact built, the Moto X dual sim phone can easily be carried around by a small or large handed person.
  • The ergonomic design of its back is a deciding factor in the conducive feel of the phone.
  • A high-end camera and an incredibly potent loudspeaker are just some of the many superior traits of this Motorola android phone.
  • The smoothly rounded contours of the Moto X also augment its ergonomic shape, while the volume and power buttons are smartly positioned on the phone’s right hand side. The extent to which they jut out of the side of the phone suffices for an easy usage of these buttons.
  • However, the phone does have its modest share of disadvantages. For instance, the seam’s design takes a bit away from the otherwise beautiful structure of this phone. While this is negligible in the twin colored models, it’s pretty evident in the white models. A few buttons even have the problem of being too small and resistive for comfortable experience. Take the volume key as a case in point. This latest Motorola mobile phone has a smallish design that presents some trouble for the user to decipher between increasing and decreasing the volume. Plus, there isn’t much space between the volume and power buttons.
  • No such impediments are experienced with the headphone jack, which is intelligently situated at the top of the phone.
  • Another brilliant feature presents the opportunity of taking a screenshot of the phone’s current screen by pressing the volume and power controls together.
  • Unquestionably, this smartphone’s superlative materials enhance its beauty by giving it a more ceramic than a plastic touch. This places the Moto X dual sim phone several rungs above its peers such as the LG G2 and the Nexus.

Incorporated with myriad new and exciting attributes, the Moto X is certainly leagues in front of plausibly all its stiffest competitors. Its user-friendly design and countless properties admirably make up for the screen’s display, which is somewhat less than the desired 1080p display. It even comes competent dual-core low power processors that do their bit to substitute the slight lack of power, due to the absence of a quad-core processor. All in all, the Moto X ensure that the user’s appetite for high-end functions and umpteen applications is more than satiated.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Anderson N. Leonardo

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