Why Focus On One Topic Rather Than Several During Blog Content Writing

Posted on Aug 9 2013 - 7:08pm by Sarmista Arun


Given the fact that blog content writing is a popular practice today, more and more people are trying to join the bandwagon. But very few among them actually know what they are getting into. By this I mean to say that do you really know what you are going to write about? Well, as far as my research goes, most of you new bloggers may be thinking of writing on multiple topics because that way, you won’t have a dearth of subjects to write on; hence, you can keep posting on a regular basis.

I understand your point; you want to attract a variety of readers to your site and have a fresh presence on the World Wide Web. But my dear new bloggers, you need to understand that readers do not like to rely on Jack of all trades but masters of one.

Why shouldn’t you write on several topics?

Before I answer this, I want you to ask you a question. Why do you want to blog? Is it only because of fun or do you want to make money out of it? If your answer is the former, then go ahead with multiple-topic blogging but if you are a little more serious and want to earn from your site, you should not begin blogging on multiple topics. This is because viewers today appreciate a specialist rather than an all-rounder.

Following are some points to prove the fact.

It cannot create readership

If you are a new blogger, you would perhaps like a site that tells about successful blogging. Suppose, you visit such a blog, like its contents and hence subscribe to it. But what would you do if you visit it a second time only to find contents on fashion or fitness? You would be disappointed and soon unsubscribe, right?  The same thing may happen to your website if you choose to write on several things.

Poor ranking in search engines

I am not sure if you are aware of Search Engine Optimization. If you are not, let’s explain it with a simple example. Suppose you are a search engine like Google, your job is to rank sites on the basis of different keywords and topics. The topic that you need to focus on is blogging, and there are two options before you.

The first tells only about blog content writing and the second about blogging and technology and games and photography and so on. Which one would you think to be better? The former I suppose.

Search engines work in the same way. The team of Google keeps on altering their algorithms to make sure that only quality content gets better ranking. Hence, going with multi-topic blogs can be a bad choice.

Advertisers prefer specialist blogs

This is because advertisers generally like to advertise on a site that is related to the product they are trying to sell.

If you have a company of skin care products, where would you like to advertise your products, at a multi-topic blog site with 50,000 page views a day or a skin care blog with 50,000 page views a day? You would obviously choose the latter because of the quality traffic you will get as compared to the former that will get you divided traffic.

But you still want a multi-topic blog

You can have one but not right now. You are new to the world of blogging, so it is better to focus on one thing rather than on several. Try to give your best to what you are writing on and make it more and more popular. Once you have established your brand, you may think about introducing sub-brands i.e. starting different other blogs on different topics by using sub domains like Skincare.blogspace.com for skincare, Fasion.blogspace.com for fashion, fit.blogspace.com for fitness and so on.

The closing words

Understand that you are new to the world of blog content writing. Perhaps, you won’t be able to tackle a whole lot of topics and doing so will be dividing your traffic rather than bringing you a quality bunch of one. Be patient with yourself until you get your desired viewership and then you can gradually introduce sub domains. Best wishes!

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This post is written by Sarmista Aun. She is expertise in adwords campaign management and currently works as a PPC consultant in a leading digital marketing company.