Why Content Matters? Reasons You Should Know

Posted on Nov 29 2013 - 9:13am by Ruben Corbo

Content Marketing

As the adage goes, it is true “Content is the King”. Even today when social media is redefining itself, consultant internet marketing firms, still believes that a superior content is the best means to enhance their brand. Quality content is what that makes these firms connect their products and services with prospective buyers resulting in sporadic revenue growths. After the recent Google update, it has become quite imperative for everyone to publish content that can go viral on the web.

There are several reasons as to why content finds its edge over social media marketing. A list of the following ideas shall make it amply clear in defense of the value add elements as to why excellent content really matters while developing any brand over the internet.

The content stays longer and produces long lasting impact

In the modern age, due to high infiltration of electronic mail and all other social media channels, it is absolutely impossible to filter out the good content from the bad one. But publishing poor quality or copied content which does not add value often becomes a potential hazard for the brand, as it perpetually stays embedded online. So delivering value-added well written content is a must for all marketing establishments those who want to prosper by multiplying on their revenues.

Greater expectations of brands with their marketing Return On Investments (ROI)

Budgets for marketing the brands are tightening every day due to inflation and competition in the market. In the present marketing scenario, senior executives and marketing ambassadors of all brands highlight on making the biggest “bang for the buck” from every singular campaign they create for their products. By focusing more on quality content, companies can remain assured that they are just not providing something on to their prospective buyers, but find ways to resonate their message in all target buyers’ minds.

It’s just impossible to fool around with Google

All search engines are getting smarter nowadays. Especially search engines like Google. With the help of Google’s Penguin algorithm, this ultra intelligent search engine is proficient at sniffing out bad contents from the good ones. Google’s new algorithms which can easily decipher quality content make the site’s content value much more important than the search rankings. By calculating the time spent on each page, sharing of web content with friends or by measuring the bounce rates, Google makes sure that it filters out the good content.


Sharing experiences with online marketing firms that offer top-notch copywriting services, it has been noted that there are a few sets of criteria that are needed for ensuring quality content. Content writers often call them as the “7 Hallmark Strengths of Compelling Content”. These seven strengths of any good contents are:

  • Novelty: Content must be unique and it must break new grounds
  • Relevance:  Good content must meet the critical market demands and answer the buyer’s needs.
  • Focus: All superior web content must be accompanied by a singular overriding message that can be reproduced over a few lines.
  • Validity: Well-documented content must look into finding advance support with relevant evidences as to how the product or service shall benefit the buyer’s call.
  • Rigor:  Good content needs to have a tight and well knitted pattern of logical thought.
  • Practicality: Rightly crafted content, always demonstrates how the service or the product can be pragmatically used by the buyer.
  • Clarity: While writing quality content, a web content writer must observe that the language of the content adheres to the understandability of the audience who are spread all around the globe.

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