Whitman: HP Will Take Until 2014 To Turn Turnaround Profitable

Posted on Oct 4 2012 - 5:44am by Editorial Staff

With Cisco CEO last week saying on HP’s Whitman that it’s seemed hard for her to turn the company profitable. Reuters now is reporting that Whitman said during the company’s annual investor meeting that it will take until 2014 to turn the company’s turnaround profitable. With news rolled out, the company experienced a drop of 10 percent low in stock price and makes it to a near nine-year low point.

Whitman said that “the single biggest challenge facing Hewlett-Packard has been changes in CEOs and executive leadership, which has caused multiple inconsistent strategic choices, and frankly some significant executional miscues,” while pointing to lack of clarity around the company’s strategy along with heavy executive turnover.

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