Which Visa Option Is Right For You?

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Travelling to a different country in search of work is usually a dream come true for most of us. The joy of being independent in a different country, the anticipation of buying a car, a house and making it home just cannot be compared to anything else and everybody looks forward to the joy and prosperity that the foreign land promises.

However, things can go horribly wrong, if you travel to the country with a wrong visa and all your hopes and dreams can come shattering down. To be on the safe side, always consult an immigration lawyer before moving to a new country. In this post, we will tell you which visa option is right for you.

Tourist visa

This visa is only meant for purposes of tourism or pleasure and limited in the number of days one can stay in the country. Certain visa types also allow you multiple entries into the country that you are visiting, but come with a rider of the maximum number of days you can stay in the country.

Student visa

This is the simplest of visas to obtain in order to travel to a new country and to stay there for a prolonged period of time. Most developed countries require that you have a letter of acceptance from one of their recognized universities before you can apply for a visa under this category. Once you complete your course, the visa also allows you a short period of stay in order to find yourself a job.

In some cases, the visa can even be extended for a period of one or two years to fit a job. Certain student visas also allow dependants to travel to the country on a student visa provided the visa holder is able to prove the he has enough money to maintain his dependants in the foreign country.

Work visa

A work visa is what an employer provides you so that you can work out of the office there. Most work visas have provisions to take your family and dependants with you to the foreign land. a work visa may be processed by your first time employer or just another office of your current employer in the foreign country. These types of visas are quite commonly used by multinational companies to rotate their staff and apply staff expertise to particular areas of business.

Startup visa

Most countries also allow you the option of moving to their land in lieu of the investment you will make there in the form of your startup company. These visas are a good way for countries to attract investments, increase the spectrum of businesses being carried there and also become a popular destination for entrepreneurs to start a business. These visas have gained, favor especially after the IT and ITEs revolution and the rapid growth of businesses such as developing smartphone apps. A good immigration lawyer can always help you weigh the benefits of starting a company in one country or another.

Refugee visa

Certain countries also provide visas to individuals and families in conflict ridden areas in order to enable them to escape their misery and start a new life in the new land. These visas also make the visa holder and his family eligible to certain kinds of help from the government in terms of maintenance wages, housing and health benefits and even startup business support during the initial stages of their arrival. Refugee visas are quite complex in the way they are granted and it is always better to consult an experience immigration lawyer in this regard.

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