Which Season Shoe Are You?

Posted on Jul 22 2014 - 9:05am by Alexandra Ashton

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What may seem trite and unnecessary to one person could be a life-saving element to some. That’s why it’s hard to dismiss the role of fashion among women, despite the fact that they seem to be about being vain and self-centered. In an Albert Camus world where everything is absurd, there’s no stopping a woman from buying all the shoes and fashion items she wants. This infographic is for those women,

There’s so much confusion in the world that what matters today is usually anything that tries to make a mark of certainty about oneself. For instance, people subscribe to The Daily Beast, The Bisaya Short Films, Bloggess, The Oatmeal and the fan page of The Walkmen to make a statement that these brands identfiy oneself and help one  understand the real identity behind the default masks that one wears unknowingly.

You are now ready for the next trip to Malaysia because you bought the newest pair of fashionable shoes in the market right now. But are you sure that pair is for the right event you’re attending? Learn the answer from this infographic. This infographic can help women pick what shoe designer to support this fashion season. This infographic could be for women who love shoes more than their men.

When it comes to fashion, women usually have shoes as they’re first choice of avenue to express themselves and their distinct tastes. There are patterns that a person usually have when it comes to their taste in music, film and fashion, and so for women, the pattern of their purchases over the years can help the women identify what kind of shoes or who’s the designer they usually are taken to. In this infographic you will see how certain traits of women lead them to support what designer.

Which Season Shoe Are You

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